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Select Havens (6) x Stainless Finishes
($) Prestige Stainless (or) Royal Oak Stainless ($)
Two incredible stainless steel finishes that are easy to clean and scratch proof.
Both of these finishes display a finely textured pattern on the surface of the stainless. The stainless surface is ultra-smooth, and visually enticing.
Prestige Stainless features a micro-diamond pattern
Royal Oak Stainless features a luxurious woodgrain pattern

($$) Luxe Stainless ($$) 
A smooth, easy clean surface with a semi-reflective, ghosted shine.
This finish is highly resilient against scratches and is hand finished for a beautiful appearance.
Luxe is the most typical looking stainless steel finish we offer, making it one of our Top 3 finishes.

($$$) Brushed – Luxe Hammered - Brushed Hammered ($$$)
Three premium finishes, for an incredible appearance and focal point in your kitchen.
A Hammered finish adds a beautiful visual element to the stainless, detailing its handcrafted nature. 

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