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copper kitchen range hoods

Range hoods are potentially one of the most magnificent fixtures that can be added to a luxury home or commercial kitchen. Effortlessly accenting the most prominent features in the kitchen, a copper or stainless steel hood immediately entices visitors with a visually rich focal point upon entrance of the space.

Copper range hood with a farmhouse kitchen sink, granite counters, and copper lightingRustic modern kitchen with luxury brushed copper details in the hood, sink, and lighting

As copper and stainless steel fabricators of over 3 decades, we have vast experience in this type of advanced sheet metal work. Range hoods can be customized to your exact specs: small or large, wide or slim.

Below you will see a guide on our available options for custom range hoods. 
Please use this page as a resource when conceptualizing your custom range hood design. 

We work with our kitchen and bath clients closely and strive to exceed your expectations.
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copper and stainless steel range hoods by Havens Metal

Benefits Of Selecting A Range Hood For Your Home's Kitchen

1. The inherent benefits of installing a kitchen hood start with cleanliness. Smoke and other cooking fumes can over time stick to the surfaces and walls of your kitchen, making the surfaces much harder to clean. Cabinetry, countertops, and handles are often impacted negatively by the high temperature gases that escape the stove top without proper ventilation. Range hoods circulate gases, fumes, and steam away from your cooking space, giving you some room to breathe.

2. Range hoods are often equipped with built-in over the stove lighting, making food prep and measuring a breeze. In kitchens without cabinetry over the stove, hoods are an excellent way to integrate lighting to make your cook space a well lit, safe area. Range hoods are available with halogen or LED built-in lighting. 

Modern square and rectangular range hood made from 16 gauge brushed stainless steelBrass custom made range hood with brushed features.

3. Properly ventilating a cooking space is essential. Trace amounts of carbon monoxide are often found in cooking fumes and can build up to dangerous levels if not ventilated and properly circulated out of the kitchen. In addition to fumes, hoods cool kitchens off by removing heat and steamy condensation as well.

4. The monetary value a range hood can add to your home can be substantial. With countless options and features available, hoods have the capability of becoming one of the most luxurious and prominent fixtures within the home. Often times, home buyers love to see custom, unique looking features that both draw the eye and add functionality to a home. Invest in a beautiful American made hood that is guaranteed to last a lifetime and your home's value will surely increase.

    Range Hoods Are Both A Visual Statement Piece And Highly Functional Ventilation System

    Every hood we build is custom, made to the specifications and design of our client. We specialize in copper & stainless, however different metal types can be used.
    As masters of innovation and design, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to build custom range hoods from high quality American metals, resulting in a product far superior to cheaply made imported hoods. Our standards for quality are top-tier, and we never fail to deliver when selected for the job. As hoods are highly customizable, our team of professionals will work with you every step of the way from initial design to installation consultation, leaving no stone unturned.

    copper hoods

    Installation Types For Your Hood:

    Wall mounted range hoods are the most common form of residential hood installation. This type of hood attaches directly to the wall above the stove. These type of hoods may also be known as wall-mounted chimneys, as they are designed to circulate air up and away from the cooking space. Wall mount range hoods are wider at the base and narrow towards the vent, ideally stretching the full length of the stove in order to capture anything that arises. Wall mounting a hood is a great option for homeowners who seek a beautiful focal point in their kitchen. Custom specifications and features are available on any wall mounted range hood design.

    Island range hoods are often installed in kitchens where the stove does not have a wall above it to mount the fixture to. If you have an island with a stove, a hood hung over the island is the most effective option for circulating air up and away from the cook space. Rather than vent to connecting ducts on the wall, an island hood will connect directly to the ceiling and circulate air up and out that way. This style of hood is the most logical choice for homeowners who cook on their island's stove top.

    The Dimensions and Size For Your Range Hood

    Hood Width: Wall mount copper or stainless steel range hoods should be approximately the same width as your stove cooking top. It's ok to go wider than your cooktop, but you shouldn't go smaller, as cook fumes will likely escape the ventilation. Dimensions can be completely customized, as we build to your specs.

    Hood Height: A general rule of thumb for range hood height is that your fixture should be between 30" and 36" above your cooking top. The overall height of the hood is based primarily on personal preference, but we typically recommend 33" clearance above stove top for wall mount hoods, and 36" of clearance for island hoods.

    Ventilation Options For Range HoodsStainless steel and brass Kitchen range hoods ventilation liner system with blower and fan, custom handcrafted by Havens.

    • Motor In Hood: This includes a motor ventilated system integrated directly inside the interior of the hood and includes the hood's liner. 
    • Motor in Attic: The motor will be installed in the attic as an assembly separate of the hood. This option includes the hood's underneath liner.
    • Liner Only: The hood liner may be purchased by itself, and does not include a motorized ventilation assembly.
    • No ventilation system, I'll provide my own.

    Purchasing a copper or stainless steel hood with a motor presents different power options for the customer. The ventilation systems are power rated using CFM (cubic feet per minute). We recommend 100-150 CFM per linear foot for the range hood, as per the information found on the Home Ventilating Institute.

    Decorative Options and Features For Your Hood

    Range hoods can be fabricated in a wide variety of shapes, with many different levels of customization. Personalizing your range hood with decorative features is a great way to compliment other kitchen features and give your kitchen a truly unique vibe.

    Crown molding - Wrapping the range hood with custom crown molding is a great way to aesthetically compliment the shape of the hood and present a detailed appearance. Crown molding can be wrapped to any part of the hood but is typically featured on the top or the bottom.

    Rivets, Fasteners, Clavos - Accenting your hood with ornamental rivets is an excellent way to add some style to your piece. These decorative features vary in size, and can be assorted on the hood in a variety of patterns. Rivets, fasteners, and clavos are usually copper, stainless steel, or brass.

    The visual aspects and intricate detail that goes into a range hood is what makes the piece a work of art. Selecting from available features for decoration and functionality is what will eventually result in the overall personalization of your kitchen's hood. Every space is different, which is why we offer complete customization over all of the details, giving you the ultimate satisfaction of a masterpiece tailor made to your every expectation.

    Banding & Strapping - Custom banding and strapping is aesthetically pleasing towards the hood's design, as they accent the angles and curvature of the fixture. Banding and ornamental strapping can be added to your custom rage hood in copper, stainless steel, brass, and iron. 

    copper kitchen hood

    Every custom range hood is protected under the Havens Lifetime Warranty, a testament to industry leading standards for premium quality. 
    At Havens Metal, we pride our brand on a personalized level of service for homeowner's facing any set of challenges in the kitchen & bath remodeling process.

    We are dedicated to helping you make an informed decision on your investment and guiding you through the customization process.
    If you have some questions or need some help with your design, the Havens team is here to help you succeed in creating a masterpiece for your kitchen.

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