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Fast and Safe Delivery by UPS

Havens | Luxury Metals offers Worldwide Shipping via UPS

To request a shipping quote, please email

If you have never shopped with Havens Metal before, you may have some questions about how we will deliver your purchase to you on time and free of damage. 

When you purchase with Havens Metal, you will have the option to create a user account, which grants you access to real-time online tracking updates.
If you choose not to create an account and checkout as a guest, you will still be updated via email with any tracking updates.

What to expect when purchasing from Havens Metal:

  • Tracking updates by email or SMS text - from order confirmation to delivery
  • Expected shipping date - We'll let you know what day your order will be shipped out
  • Real-time tracking updates - 24 hour access to online tracking information
  • Integrated tracking system  - Your shipment's current location on a map
  • Expected delivery date - Know what day you can expect the delivery of your shipment
  • Please allow up to 1 week processing for all standard in stock sinks. To check to see if any sink is in stock, please contact us.

      All Havens shipments including domestic and international are packaged extremely carefully inside heavy-duty custom made wooden crates. 
      Havens products are of the highest quality and extremely resilient against damage. In the unlikely event that you receive a damaged product, we will promptly replace it and pay all associated costs. Every shipment that leaves our facility is monitored with damage sensors to ensure safe passage to your destination.

      Havens Luxury Metals shipping cratesHavens repurpose shipping crate

      International Shipping Information

      Havens Metal ships products Worldwide, to just over 200 Countries by UPS.
      Upon placing your order you will be prompted to enter your information where you will be asked for your complete address.
      Entering your shipping information completely and accurately is vital to ensure that you will receive your package accordingly. 

      For all international shipments, we require that you enter a phone number, so we are able to confirm the details and provide you with delivery information.
      After placing your order, we will contact you by phone within 24 hours to verify and confirm your information before charging your credit card.

      It is important to note, for all International Shipments 
      your credit card won't be charged without verification by phone. 
      After a Havens team member is are able to confirm your order, we will begin the process for your shipment and you will be updated by email with tracking updates.
      Please allow the necessary lead time for your order to be shipped and processed. Once shipped, most international orders will be delivered within 6-12 business days.

      The customer is responsible for all duties and taxes to be paid upon the shipment's arrival. For more information regarding duties and taxes please contact Havens.

      The Havens Metal packaging process is explained in depth below, a sure indication that your purchase will arrive on time and free of damage.

      havens metal sink crate usa

      Step 1: Crate Build 

      Our sink packaging begins with a highly protective wooden crate, reinforced with 2x4 struts and carefully placed high density packing foam. Both sides of the crate includes brass handles for easy handling.

      havens metal sink in crate

      Step 2: Sink is placed in crate

      Your sink is placed into the highly protective wooden crate, ensuring a snug fit against our heavy duty foam packing.

      copper sink havens metal usa custom

      Step 3: Individually Package Accessories & Add-ons

      Any accessories or add-ons to your purchase are individually bubble-wrapped. The drain assembly will be enclosed in a small box. Every sink we sell includes one complimentary bottle of copper or stainless cleaner.

      havens metal custom sink usa

      Step 4: Prepare crate for sealing

      Prior to installing the final 2x4 which will completely secure the sink, we place all accessories and add-ons with the specifications sheet in the interior of the sink.

      custom sink havens metal

      Step 5: Install shipment damage indicators

      After the crate is sealed shut, we install 3 different damage indicators on the outside of the crate. Two Shockwatch labels are placed on adjacent corners of the sink, and one Tip-N-Tell indicator is placed on the side of the crate.
      custom copper sink havens metal

      Step 6: Crate is ready for shipment

      The crate is ready for pickup. At the time of pickup by UPS, an acceptance scan will be shown to indicate the shipment has begun transit.

      If you have placed an order, you may check the status of your order at anytime by simply logging into your Havens account. If your order states “Awaiting Fulfillment”, your order has been received and is being processed by our warehouse which typically takes 3-5 business days. Please allow the appropriate lead time for custom orders. Lead time fluctuates based on our work flow. Please contact our team for the most accurate lead time when ordering. 

      Once we have arranged for pickup by UPS, we provide you with a tracking number, sent to the email you entered at checkout. At the time of pickup, we activate the damage shipment indicators and fill out a declared value receipt with UPS. These steps ensure that should the shipment encounter any damage, insurance will cover it and our customer will in no way be held liable. 

      UPS Orders -  Track via your Havens Metal account or by entering the tracking number on the UPS website.

      Havens Crates Make Great For a Second Use! Repurpose Your Crate 

      Take a look at what a few of our handy clients have done with repurposing the wooden sink crate

      custom havens metal wooden crate for sink packaginghavens luxury metals shipping sink crateshavens metal sink cratehavens luxury metal sink crates