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Residential and Commercial Trough Sinks
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Design and enjoy a Custom Trough Sink handcrafted by Havens Luxury Metals. Select from Heavy Duty 16 gauge Stainless Steel or beautiful 14 gauge Pure Copper.
Havens is a USA fabricator designing trough sinks in a multitude of applications, including residential bathrooms and even large commercial and industrial trough sinks.
Stainless steel bathroom trough sink for a commercial luxury restaurant. Made in the USA from 16 gauge stainless, this trough sink is 6 feet long and has a spacious basin featuring three levels and multiple faucets.Custom copper ice trough sink for beverages and drinks. Cool down your wine, champagne or beer with a stainless steel or copper ice tub.

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What size trough sink should I have made? Every trough project we take on is different. All of our troughs are custom made to order, and we engineer the sink to your exact needs and specifications. Our fabrication allows for a limitless range of possibilities and any size trough sink can be made. Select from massive sizes at 120" long, or create a small and skinny beverage trough for cooling down champagne and wine bottles during your birthday party.

What type of trough sinks are there? Trough sinks can be made in a wide variety of styles including undermount, topmount and farmhouse. The features are virtually limitless, as Havens offers the optional features of a built in ledge for accessories such as a cutting board, an integrated faucet deck, vertical backsplash, custom drain placement, 12 finish options, etc.

Beverage Ice Trough For Cooling Down Champagne, Beer and Wine Drinks

Beverage trough tub with wine bottles and ice in the sink basin. Cool down your drinks with an ice trough made from stainless steel or pure copper by Havens Luxury Metals.Beverage tub ice trough for champagne, beer and wine. Custom sink designed by Havens Luxury Metals and handcrafted in the USA from pure 14 gauge copper. Shown here with a hammered copper finish for rustic appeal.

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Select From 12 Luxury Metal Finishes For Your Trough Sink
Luxury metal finishes for custom trough sinks
What type of drain for a Trough Sink? Drain size and placement will depend on the application of the users and needs of the project. Havens has the ability to custom size your trough sink's drain for a kitchen, bath, or bar. We also have the flexibility to place the drain wherever you would like. For proper drainage, we will create a slope in the sink basin, regardless of drain placement. It is recommended that ADA compliant trough sinks have a rear drain placement to maximize under sink space. Speak with Havens to achieve perfect drain placement.

Custom made stainless steel trough sinks for a bathroom. Each basin features a sloped angle for drainage. Trough 1 has a single drain and trough 2 has a double drain configuration for ADA compliance application.Trough sink basin with two drain locations for more than 1 user at the sink at a time. Drain lines are sloped about 1/8" for maximum performance in the commercial bathroom.Havens Luxury Metals client reviews

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ADA Compliant Trough Sinks - Any Size, Any Style

Are trough sinks ADA compliant? Yes. All our trough sinks can be made with an ADA compliant profile. ADA compliance is achieved when a wheelchair user can use the sink. Generally, the trough will be compliant with a more shallow depth, featuring a basin 5-6 inches deep. ADA compliance is possible with any trough design, Havens will help you achieve ADA compliance.

What is an ADA compliant sink? For a sink to be ADA compliant, it should not be higher than 34 inches above the floor level. The sink will need a knee clearance of 27 inches high by 30 inches wide and 11 to 25 inches deep. Pipes will need to be insulated in order to protect the user from bumping into plumbing fixtures.

ADA compliant sink designs by Havens Luxury MetalsStainless steel ADA compliant trough sink design with a spacious basin

How deep can a sink be to be ADA compliant? To make a kitchen or bathroom sink ADA compliant, generally you will want to make the basin a maximum of 5-6 inches. The goal of an ADA compliant sink is for a wheelchair user to be able to use the sink comfortably. A deeper basin will make this challenging and hinder the user from wheeling underneath. 

Do all sinks need to be ADA compliant? Not necessarily. You will need to check the rules and building codes in relation to your project. If you wish to make a bathroom, lavatory, or kitchen sink accessible to handicap users, you will need to seek out ADA requirements for your jurisdiction. To make a Havens sink ADA compliant, simply let us know in the quote request form!

 Large Trough Sinks

Havens Luxury Metals can fabricate a trough for any project - large or small. We specialize in innovating and engineering the most advanced and luxurious designs for our clients.
Faucets & Drains - Select from a single faucet or opt for a 2 faucet design on larger trough sinks. It is recommended to go with 2 faucets when your trough sink exceeds 48 inches in length.
If you plan on installing a trough sink with special requirements, it is best to contact The Havens Team by phone to discuss your project needs. We will design and engineer the sink for you!

Trough sink with two faucets. Large stainless steel trough sinks for commercial bathroom lavatory.Large trough sink with 3 faucets for a commerical bathroom. Three drain locations for an undermount installation and a very spacious basin.

Commercial Trough Sinks

When selecting the right commercial trough basin, the application will best determine the features, size, and style of the sink. For example, if your project is a bathroom at a high end modern restaurant, you might want to consider one of Havens unique textured finishes. Select from 12 different finish options in heavy duty 16 gauge stainless or beautiful 14 gauge pure copper.Triple basin custom stainless steel trough sink with a vertical backsplash and integrated faucet deck. Three bowls makes plenty of space for the chef.Stainless steel trough basin with a two faucet deck and two drain locations. Featuring Havens Royal Oak stainless finish, this trough is made from 16 gauge stainless steel.

Wall Mounted Trough Sinks

Many projects of commercial size will feature a wall mounted trough sink. This might include an enclosed vanity or an integrated countertop. Havens has limitless customization options and we can bring your project to life. Bathroom sinks that are wall mounted require an aesthetically pleasing design. It is best to enclose the plumbing pipes and make sure that any fixtures are hidden. Typically, wall mounting a sink will require experienced installation of bolting the metal directly to the concrete for a safe and secure application for any and all users.

Wall mounted copper vanity sink with a trough basin. Smooth 14 gauge handcrafted in the USA by Havens Luxury Metals.Wall mounted countertop with integrated stainless steel sink basin. Handcrafted in the USA from 16 gauge stainless steel by Havens Luxury Metals.

Rustic luxury intertwines with the early beginnings of traditional sinks, bringing forward a design with a multitude of uses: The Trough sink.  
This style of sink dates back decades, made widely popular for it's capacity to allow users to utilize a spacious basin for prep and entertainment.
Trough sinks are available in both copper and stainless steel metals, including a variety of different finish types for stainless.

Handcrafted Rustic Luxury: Copper Trough Sinks

Custom copper trough sink with a single basin and offset drain location. Undermount installation with a single faucet for a clean look. Made from 14 gauge pure copper by Havens Luxury Metals.

Custom built and made to order, our trough sinks are available in undermount, topmount, and wall mounted.

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Copper & Stainless Steel Trough Sinks

Large copper trough sink with three drain locations. This trough is over 10 feet long and features a spacious basin. Featuring our signature smooth copper finish.

Great for a multitude of uses, trough sinks boast an extremely spacious basin, making them perfect for any kitchen, bath, wet bar, or outdoor entertainment area.

Trough Sinks for the Kitchen

Trough sinks are a luxurious addition to your kitchen space as either the main sink or also as a secondary.
Many of our clients have had us a build a trough sink to be installed on the kitchen island, as a secondary prep sink.
Having a secondary trough sink is perfect for homeowners who enjoy hosting and entertaining.
Since trough sinks offer more length than your average kitchen sink, we offer the option to add multiple faucet and drain locations.
Double faucet trough sinks offer a various spacious basin that allows for multiple users to use the sink at one time.

    Trough Sinks For The Bath

    Some of our more popular trough sink designs include those for the bathroom area, which allow homeowner's to add a unique addition to a master or guest bath.
    These type of designs can be made spacious enough to allow for multiple faucets, drains, and wash basins. Trough sinks allow for more elbow room than your average communal sink.

      Trough Sinks For Wet Bar & Prep

      Perfect for entertaining. Can be filled with ice to hold beverages and cold foods.
      An interior ledge can be built into the trough sink for sliding interchangeable accessories. (Drying racks, cutting boards, and sponge caddys)
      Whether a copper trough or stainless steel trough sink, we build both undermount and topmount designs for any situation.
        copper trough sink
          Every sink we build is protected under our Lifetime Warranty, a testament to our industry leading standards for premium quality and service. 
          If you have some questions or need help with your design, our team of experienced professionals are here to assist in creating your perfect trough sink.

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          Custom Wood Crates For Shipping Our Customer's Trough Sinks 

          Our trough sinks are carefully crated inside custom made wooden crates to ensure a safe delivery to your home.
          High density packing foam protects the sink from every angle through transit. Damage sensors are placed on adjacent sides.

          Brass handles on either side of the crate allow for two people to easily carry the large package.
          Accessories and documentation will be placed in the sink's interior for safe passage.Copper trough sink shipping from Havens Luxury Metals inside a custom wooden crate we built to safely ship this sink.