Custom Utility Sinks: Stainless Steel & Pure Copper

custom copper and stainless utility sinks

Every now and then we've all gotta roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. Make the job a bit easier on yourself by adding efficiency and versatility to your wash area with a custom made utility sink, USA built to last a lifetime. 

Our selection of custom options for utility sinks offer a multitude of uses, perfect for adding style and functionality to a laundry room, mudroom, or garage area.

We understand the importance of durability and longevity in any utility product, which is why we craft our utility sinks with the highest quality metals available: non-recycled, American made copper and stainless steel. These type of sinks need to be able to take a beating, which is why we craft exclusively from high quality metals.

14-gauge American Copper: Heavy duty 48 oz copper with a 99.9% purity rating. This type of metal is extremely resilient and naturally maintains itself while developing a beautifully rustic patina finish. Our copper sinks are very easy to maintain, and can be cleaned with just dish soap, water, and a sponge.
For more maintenance details, visit here: Caring for your copper sink.

Stainless Steel FinishesPure Copper finishes
16-gauge American Stainless Steel: As luxurious as they are resilient, our stainless steel utility sinks are known for there ability to combat the elements. Easy to maintain and not easy to scratch, this type of metal is the thickest type stainless steel you can realistically build a utility sink out of.

Custom built and made to order, our utility sinks can be customized to the needs and likes of your household.
All of our utility designs include the option to install the sink as undermount or topmount.

Laundry Room Utility Sinks

How many times have you come into your house after a Saturday in the garden and the thought crosses your mind: "I'm too dirty to go inside." Sometimes we need a halfway point from outside to inside, with a durable sink that you can simply toss muddy clothes and shoes into. 

  • Tailor made to the specifications of your wash area, laundry sinks typically need a deeper basin than your average kitchen sink. We offer basin depths of up to 12 inches, thus allowing for a sizable area to soak dirty clothes or clean vacuum parts. 
  • The importance of a utility sink is often underestimated, as this is often one of the most used rooms of the house for families with kids. After all, every parent needs a good place to soak baseball, soccer, or basketball uniforms.
  • These type of sinks can be made with a built in drainboard, for a convenience spot to dry things or keep dirty items off the countertop.

Utility Sinks for Washing Pets

  • For those of us with small furry friends, we often times have trouble when it comes time for a bath. Those days are long over, as our utility sinks are the perfect spot for users who desire a sizable tub sink to wash your small pet in.
  • These type of designs can be made spacious enough to allow for a small to medium sized animal to be washed in.
  • If needed, we can accommodate an area for backsplash faucet holes so that a retractable hose can be used while washing and pet grooming.
  • If your an owner with a pet who doesn't like taking a bath, a pet wash sink is an ideal purchase, as it will centralize your grooming to one easy area.

Freestanding Utility Sinks

In certain layout situations, a freestanding utility sink can be the right option for your household. The height of the legs on your sink can be customized, as well as the basin dimensions. 

  • Freestanding stainless steel utility sinks are a great option for users who need ultimate customization for height requirements. Big or small, our freestanding sink designs offer optimal efficiency and personalized utilization for homeowners. 
  • We've built freestanding utility sinks for both residential and commercial use, including ADA compliant sinks, hospital sinks for surgeons, and large commercial kitchen sinks.
  • Most of our free standing commercial sink designs include multiple built-in wash basins, allowing for simultaneous users.
Every sink we build is protected under our Lifetime Warranty, a testament to our industry leading standards for premium quality. 
If you have some questions or need some help with your design, our team of experienced professionals are here to help you succeed in creating your dream sink.

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Custom utility stainless steel sink with a built in ledge and textured finish, installed under quartz counters.Stainless steel textured utility sink in the Prestige option, includes a right rear drain for advanced functionality.