The Havens Luxury Metals Team

The Havens Luxury Metals team of American handcrafted metal fabricators

Meet The Havens Luxury Metals Team and the craftsmen behind our American Handcrafted product line!

Alex Havens - President and Founder of Havens Luxury Metals

Alex Havens | President & Founder

Why did you start Havens? "I started Havens because I have a strong passion for American made products and a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into making them. I love to express creativity and when I started Havens, I saw metal as a catalyst to creative opportunities. I strive to pioneer where others have not gone before and my mission is to be the exception as a man and as a business."

What is your vision? "My vision for Havens Luxury Metals is to create the most  advanced, unique and artistic metal products in the World. I believe strongly in American craftsmanship and the founding principles this great country was built upon. I envision building a legacy with the strongest metal team in the World, servicing clients that want to make their home a Haven."

Alex Havens opens up new headquarters for operations of Havens Luxury Metals

JosephJoseph G. | Chief of Engineering

 Why do you believe in American craftsmanship? "With a decade of experience in industry I have come to understand what true American craftsmanship is and how astonishing it can be. It is important to realize that America was built on American craftsmanship and skill, and the entire Havens team is determined to produce the best in craftsmanship.”

What is your passion? "I knew from a young age building quality products and innovative ideas was my passion. Here at Havens my passions and ideas can grow with the help of American craftsmen on our team."

Joseph G Havens Luxury Metals

Olivia Mungal - The Havens Metal team

Olivia M. | Chief of Operations

What is the most important thing about your work? "My main goal is creating our clients' vision, meeting their needs, and ensuring their ultimate satisfaction with our high-quality products & services. Some of the key factors require me to be perceptive, with a keen attention to detail focusing on all day to day facets of Havens."

What is your favorite part of the job? "The best and most rewarding part of work is getting to witness our impressive Havens Team create these stunning masterpieces from beginning to end. Working alongside Alex Havens and the team and being a part of American craftsmanship is an honor!"

Olivia Havens Luxury Metals

DeanDean B. | Lead Welder & Fabricator

Why did you choose to work at Havens? "I chose to work at Havens because from the beginning I knew I was part of a close-knit team that cared about the products they produce."

What is the most important part of your work? "The most important part of my work is making custom products from start to finish that are high quality and made to last."

Dean B Havens Luxury Metals


Logan G. | Metal Fabricator

What is the most important aspect of your job? "The most important part of my job is attention to detail. Attention to detail and accuracy goes a long way in the fabrication stage, making mostly every step following fab go much smoother."

What do you want to be remembered for? "I want to be remembered for my positive mindset and optimism. When people think of me I want them to remember how I’m always looking forward and seeing the greater side of things."

Logan G Havens Luxury Metals

SeanSean L. | Metal Fabricator

What is your best memory working at Havens? "My best memory at Havens would have to be when I first started, we were going over a sink and Joe asked me “how do you feel about this going out” in my head I said to myself why is he asking me I don’t know (but I did know, and I didn’t like it) and I said what I saw and he asked the crew to correct it. At that point I knew working with the crew would be amazing. When we come into something new it’s intimidating, these guys made me feel as if they wanted me there and valued my opinion."

What is the most important part of your role? "The most important part is to make sure anything that leaves the shop I would allow in my own home. As the last person to see every order to leave the shop I take accountability of quality control. If it gets to the customer and they are not satisfied I put it on me." 

Sean L Havens Luxury Metals

Ryan, a fabricator of metal at Havens Luxury MetalsRyan H. | Metal Fabricator

What is your best quality? "My best quality is my adaptability. I'm great at taking what I've learned from other jobs and projects and applying it to my current project."

Why do you believe in American craftsmanship? "I believe in American craftsmanship because we're the best of the best. The amount of passion and effort my co-workers and I put into our projects is reflected in our end product. I have yet to see others come close to what we're doing."

Ryan handcrafting a stainless steel Havens sink

Grant - Metal FabricatorGrant M. | Metal Fabricator

Why do you believe in American Craftsmanship? "I believe in American Craftsmanship because America has an existing backbone from it. America needs to pivot and bring more manufacturing and push the trades for the younger generations. The trades built and run our country and some of the finest machinery was built in the early to mid 1900's."

Why do you choose to work with metal? "I chose to work with metal many years ago because metal has a mind of it's own. It bends, twists, and takes shape on however you manipulate it to. The creativity metal offers is endless and that's the most exciting part."

Metal finishing at Havens Luxury Metals - advanced fabrication

Laya, Miko & Luna | Havens Team Pups

Laya Havens

🇺🇸🛠️ Behind The Metal: American Craftsmanship at The Havens Shop 🛠️🇺🇸

Havens luxury metals shopHavens luxury metals shop
Specialized crane delivery and heavy duty robotic skates to place Havens Metal's hydraulic press brake in the shop.

Havens Luxury Metals copper drainboardDouble drainboard copper sink by Havens
A beautiful double-drainboard copper sink in Havens signature micro-hammered finish, featuring a custom faucet deck and splash guard.

Havens Metal range hoodHavens Metal range hood strapping
Custom fabrication of a handcrafted stainless steel range hood with Micro-Hammered trim details and Luxe strapping.

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