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Havens Metal kitchen gallery of stainless steel sinks: USA handcrafted

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Explore the Havens Gallery of installed projects for a glimpse into the beautiful homes of our customers and clients all over the Globe.
This Gallery is a collaborative effort from our incredible clients that have provided installed photos after a project completion. 
Havens Luxury Metals Client ReviewsEclipse dual-tier stainless steel custom sink 54 inches wide

Eclipse Dual-Tier Undermount Sink | Prestige Stainless

The most advanced sink in the World, The Eclipse sink is featured here in a 54-inch length, a 20-1/2-inch width, and a 9-inch depth.
Two ledges make up the dual-tier system for advanced functionality when prepping and cooking in the kitchen.
Prestige Stainless is the featured finish of this sink, shown here with Amber Bamboo cutting boards, and beautiful white Marble countertop.

Brushed copper hood custom 14 gauge range hood with 600 cfm motor

Custom handcrafted from American made 14-gauge copper, this incredible range hood features a built in blower and liner with over a 600 CFM motor.
This hood can be customized to the size needed for your home's oven range cooktop.
Prevent smoke and other pollutants with a high powered range hood, making your kitchen a safe and breathable space for the family.
The black copper strapping is quite possibly one of the best features of this range hood...beautifully accenting the dark cabinetry and the backsplash.

Caliber Double-Bowl Farmhouse Sink | Stainless

Caliber Double Bowl Sink is loaded up with a couple of Advanced Sink Accessories, the Sponge Caddy and Pro cutting board in poly black.
A custom made sink with the Havens signature Brushed stainless steel finish, the double-bowl features a built-in ledge for accessories to glide across the top.
The Caliber sink is featured here in a beautiful kitchen with light cabinetry and a very incredible granite stone. Tap on the photo to explore more details on this sink.

Copper farmhouse sink USA made with smooth finish and ledge for advanced sink accessories. Apron front copper farm sink

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Brushed Copper

- The Legacy sink is shown here with the Brushed Copper artwork finish on the apron front, evoking a truly incredible focal point for this kitchen. 

- The Brushed copper finish is accented beautifully by the Waterstone faucet, as well as the custom copper hood and lighting fixture (not pictured here).

- The other components in this kitchen, custom made by Havens, can be found in this Gallery as well. Each of these features are fully customizable to any size.

Heritage Farmhouse Sink | Brushed Hammered Stainless

- A truly unique focal point, the Heritage sink is featured in this kitchen with a hand-hammered Brushed stainless steel finish.

- With incredible details, this kitchen sink is effortlessly complimented by the beautiful countertops and matching (hammered) drawer pulls.

- Available in any size, the Heritage farmhouse sink is one of the most incredible sinks of our time, a defining characteristic of any kitchen it's featured in.

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Smooth Copper

- Displaying a prominent copper farmhouse apron front, the Legacy sink is a highly versatile kitchen tool with tremendous beauty.

- A perfect compliment to the sink, copper accents are featured throughout, with copper cabinet pulls and overhead lighting.

- The Legacy sink is a luxurious addition to this modern home's kitchen, a perfected design through American craftsmanship. 

Caliber Topmount Sink | Prestige Stainless

- This beautiful installation features a slim profile top mounted caliber stainless steel farmhouse sink - in our signature Prestige stainless steel finish.

- The centered divider gives the two bowls a 50-50 split, and also features the Havens built-in culinary workstation ledge.

- Complimented by a handcrafted stainless steel range hood, this kitchen turned out to become a true masterpiece of a space. 

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Hammered Copper

- The rustic visual accents in the kitchen and displayed incredibly by the hammered copper farmhouse apron front. 

-Every hammered mark is done completely by hand to give the sink a very unique and visually appealing appearance.

-This Legacy farmhouse sink features a built in ledge with the drop in bowl accessory seen on the left hand side. 

Top mount stainless steel sink with rear deck faucet and backsplash

Legacy Luxe Topmount Sink | Rear Deck & Backslpash

- This beautifully installed farmhouse sink features a rear deck for the faucet, an integrated backsplash, and a built-in ledge for culinary accessories.

- A somewhat unusual replacement sink situation, this homeowner's granite was cracking and they needed a highly customized solution. The sink needed to perfectly fit the base cabinet, and also fit underneath the back edge of the counter.

- With a fabricating tolerance of 1/32" our craftsman were able to achieve a perfect solution, making installation a breeze. Now, the homeowner will enjoy their beautiful new sink (and saved granite counter) for decades to come. 

Brushed Copper Kitchen | Hood, Sink, Lighting

- This incredible kitchen features 3 custom fixtures, all matching with a Brushed Copper finish. The Range Hood, Farmhouse Sink, and Lighting Fixture are perfectly detailed to accent and compliment each other in a luxurious way.

-The Brushed copper finish is applied to the farmhouse apron front of the sink, the entire range hood, and also the lighting fixture. A very unique look, the Brushed copper finish is complimentary of the dark cabinets and stone backsplash.

- The Legacy farmhouse sink features the Havens signature built-in ledge, shown in this photo with the drying rack accessory and also shown here is the Waterstone Gantry Faucet in the American Bronze finish, with an 18" articulating spout. 

Heritage Sink | Prestige Stainless

Double Drainboard Sink | Smooth Copper

- Displaying an incredible amount of talented craftsmanship, this sink features two 12-inch drainboards, one on each side.

- From the drop in installation featuring a 3/8" edge profile, to the rear deck with a turned up copper backsplash, this sink is far from your average kitchen sink.

- The beautiful copper patina will continue to self-heal and and visually entice visitors for many years to come. The spacious basin is a great size for the user, no matter what the task. 

Custom topmount sink replace a sink solution

Custom Topmount Sink | Luxe Stainless

- Installed as a topmount sink, the spacious basin features our signature Luxe stainless steel finish and a rear deck for the faucet.

- Replacing a sink is made easy with the integrated solution of the custom topmount sink, handcrafted to any set of specifications.

- If you are looking to replace a sink, Havens is able to custom fabricate a sink so you can drop it in over your existing counters, no modification needed. 


Custom shape copper sink with dip in back - Americast American standard replacement sink

Custom Irregular Shape Sink | Hammered Copper

- This custom copper sink is an excellent solution to replacing a failed sink, and preserving the countertops without any modification or cuts made. 

- The irregular shape of the countertop was matched perfectly by our fabrication team so that the undermount install was achieved.

- If you are seeking to replace an irregular shaped sink, contact The Havens Team for the best possible solution to keep your existing countertops and cabinets. 


Undermount stainless steel kitchen sink with a textured finish - 16 gauge stainless steel.

Legacy Sink | Prestige Stainless

- Installed as an undermount, the Legacy sink is a revolutionary design aimed at efficiency and easy maintenance.

- Easy eliminating the mess from your countertops, the built-in ledge is aimed at advanced the user experience and capabilities of what a kitchen sink can do.

- The Prestige stainless steel finish features a diamond textured pattern which is great for keeping clean, and hides food blemishes very easily. 

hammered copper 14 gauge farmhouse sink USA made, white cabinets

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Hammered Copper

- The Legacy sink, a highly advanced culinary workstation, is featured here in the Havens signature hand hammered finish. The hammering pattern is throughout the entire sink, prominently displayed on the apron front.

- The rustic appeal of the hammered copper is a perfect addition to this luxurious kitchen, drawing out subtle tones in the countertop. The oil-rubbed bronze pulls on the cabinetry accentuate the sink exceptionally.

- Also featured here is the Brizo faucet featured in the Matte Black finish, for a perfect match to the entire kitchen space. 

Eclipse dual tier Galley sink with cutting board and two faucets

Eclipse Dual-Tier Sink | Luxe Stainless

- The Eclipse is the most advanced ergonomic sink in the Havens line, a true measure of productivity and excellence. This sink features dual-tier functionality, for using sink accessories on each ledge.

- The Eclipse sink by Havens is truly an expansive sink, making it extremely easy for two users to comfortably utilize the sink at the same time, especially when the installation features two faucets like this homeowner's install.

- The advanced level of ergonomics displayed by this sink is a prestigious result of intentional design, American craftsmanship, and highly detailed quality.

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Hammered Copper

- The best selling sink in the Havens Collection, The Legacy sink is a highly advanced design - known to completely transform the way you prepare, cook, and entertain in the kitchen.

- The beautiful hand hammered copper finish is displayed throughout, but draws the eye upon entrance of the space - making the sink a true focal point.

- Featured on the built-in ledge is the copper drop in bowl, which is 12 inches wide and extremely useful. It essentially transforms the single bowl into a double bowl sink. 

Top mount custom sink with rear deck for faucet


Custom Topmount Sink | Luxe Stainless

- Installed as a topmount sink, this sink features a perfectly sized rear deck for the faucet hole, centered placement.

- Completely customize your sink with personalized features such as drain placement, faucet hole count, and stainless steel finish.

- If you are looking to replace a sink, Havens is able to custom fabricate a sink so you can drop it in over your existing counters, no modification needed. 

custom 14 gauge copper range hood with 600 cfm motor and blower liner

Custom Range Hood | Brushed Copper

- A rustic appearance in a very modern looking kitchen, this one of a kind custom copepr range hood is a unique and visually intriguing focal point.

- From the Brushed copper panels, to the black strapping and rivets, this range hood is a true masterpiece. Featured inside this hood is a Faber Inca Pro liner and blower, for maximum airflow and functionality. 

- Along with a beautiful hood, this client's home also features a matching farmhouse sink, and custom lighting fixture also made by Havens. 

Outdoor Dream Kitchen | Heritage Topmount Luxe SS Sink

- A truly magnificent view is just the beginning of this outdoor dream kitchen space.
Custom outdoor cabinetry, granite countertops, a stone backsplash and a beautiful custom Havens sink make this an outdoor chef's dream. 

- The top mount installation of the custom sink is complete with a slim edge profile. 
From grilling steaks to entertaining guests, this space is perfect for giving the family an outdoor area to enjoy the scenery around.

Hammered copper farmhouse sink, the Heritage model by Havens Metal. Handcrafted as one of the best copper sinks in the world form 14 gauge copper.

Heritage Farmhouse Sink | Hammered Copper

- The Heritage copper farmhouse sink is displayed beautifully in the Havens signature hand-hammered copper finish.

- Installed as an undermount sink, this Heritage sink beholds a prominent farmhouse apron front for an enticing allure in the kitchen.

- Easy to clean and antimicrobial, copper is truly one of the most intriguing and beneficial metals you can make a sink out of.
Double bowl stainless steel Legacy sink custom made in America by Havens Metal Works from 14 gauge pure copper.

Double-Bowl Sink | Brushed Stainless

- A customized version of the Havens Legacy sink, this double-bowl is an excellent display of functionality in the kitchen. 

- Through integration of accessories on top of the sink's built-in ledge, tasks are made easier with use of a sliding cutting board which also eliminates the mess on the countertops.

- The prominent farmhouse apron front beautifully displays this custom stainless steel sinks beautiful brushed finish with ease, a complimentary feature to the luxurious granite countertops.

Custom black range hood with copper stranding

Custom Stainless Steel Hood | Satin Black

- This custom range hood is a magnificent addition to the kitchen, complete with satin black powder coating and polished copper strapping, a perfect compliment to the custom oven.

- This hood was handcrafted out of stainless steel and powder coated and given a protective clear coating to protect this hood's finish.

- The true focal point of this kitchen, this custom range hood is sure to impress visitors and guests for many, many years to come.

Legacy Sink | Luxe Stainless Steel

- The Legacy sink, shown here in a very modern looking kitchen, installed as a undermount and featuring the Light Bamboo cutting board.

- Featuring a built-in ledge for advanced functionality, the Legacy sink pictured here shows the signature Havens cutting board which fits perfectly to the ledge and slides the full width of the sink.

- The ledge is dropped 1 inch below the top rim of the sink, and with the 3/4" cutting board and the countertop height, the juices will stay within the confines of the sink's basin, instead of on the countertop. 


Custom Triple-Basin Trough Sink

- A beautiful installation of a custom Havens trough sink. This design features a triple-basin multi-level trough. Each basin on the left and right is sloped toward the center basin.

- Featured in a high end restaurant bathroom, the luxurious Brushed stainless steel finish is a true statement for this space.

- This custom trough sink is ADA compliant, allowing for a wheel chair user in the center basin. 


Hand hammered copper farm sink with rustic copper tones and built in ledge

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Hammered Copper

- Featuring a hand hammered finish across the entire copper sink, this beautiful farmhouse design is known for it's vivid details.

- With the prominent farm style apron front and right rear drain, this Havens sink is built to last for life and stand the test of time as a beautiful centerpiece. 


If you are considering selecting Havens for your home or commercial project, please feel free to ask us for similar photos of the style of sink, hood, or fixture you are interested in. The Havens Team will always accommodate to give you the most accurate depiction of what to expect when you select Havens | Luxury Metals.

Caliber Double-Bowl Sink | Prestige Stainless

- The Caliber sink is an incredible design, shown here as a farmhouse apron front sink. The prominent apron acts as a complimentary focal point to an expansive stainless steel range hood in this kitchen (shown below).

- Featuring the signature Havens built-in ledge, this sink is highly functional with dual basins and accessories that fit perfectly on the ledge.

- The Prestige stainless steel finish is an exceptionally modern looking design, featuring mini diamond textured patterns on the metal. 


Stainless Steel Luxury Kitchen

- A beautifully designed high end kitchen, the stainless steel shown throughout presents exceptional modern details, compliments of a range hood, double bowl farmhouse sink, and matching bar sink.

- The cook top is placed in the oven with an island hung range hood for a truly incredible cooking process. The sink features a built in ledge to advance productivity and further ergonomics for the user!

- Incredible details, modern design, and beautiful stainless steel features make this kitchen one of the best in the Havens Gallery. The homeowner is extremely pleased with the end result, and the Havens Team is honored to have that feedback. 


Stainless steel range hood installed in high end residential kitchen.

Kitchen Range Hood | Brushed Stainless

- An integral ventilation component and visually prominent fixture, this Havens custom range hood displays as a kitchen masterpiece in the brushed stainless steel finish.

- Custom cabinetry trim adds an aesthetically appealing look, very modern looking and complimentary towards the backsplash.

- A complete all-in-one package, this range hood includes a high powered ventilation system for an advanced process which clears the air within seconds.

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Smooth Copper

- The Legacy copper sink features a built-in ledge which features the solid copper sponge caddy and 12" copper drying rack. The perforated accessories are easily air dried and contain antimicrobial properties.

- This copper sink also features a beautiful farmhouse apron front, crafted from premium 14 gauge copper and finished with Havens' signature weathered patina finish. 

Top mount custom stainless steel drainboard sink

Topmount Drainboard Sink | Luxe Stainless

- This drainboard sink is a prestigious result of precise craftsmanship and high quality American metal. The left drainboard is sloped towards the sink at a perfect angle for drainage.

- The Luxe stainless steel finish is highly durable and resistant against scratching, making maintenance and care a breeze.

- This style of sink is completely customizable and can be made out of copper as well.

Hammered copper commercial range hood in a Orlando, FL restaurant kitchen

Commercial Range Hood | Hammered Copper

- This magnificent custom copper hood is a transcendent design for this beautiful commercial kitchen space. A one of a kind feature, the hood features cladding accents, clavos, and a prominent hand-hammered finish.

- Alluring to any visitor who enters the space, the cladding and hand-hammered copper features accent the rich and tasteful atmosphere effortlessly.

- The premium ventilation and lighting system is integrated perfectly into the range hood, making it as functional as it is beautiful.

Heritage Sink | Prestige Stainless

- A timeless design, the Heritage sink displays beautifully in the Havens signature Prestige stainless steel. Crafted from an American made type 304 stainless, this sink features a textured finish. 

- This kitchen features a very modern design with simplistic stainless drawer pulls and a very gorgeous off white cabinetry selection. 

Heritage Farmhouse Sink | Smooth Copper

- The smooth copper finish on this Heritage farmhouse sink is a beautiful compliment to the lightly toned countertops and semi-dark cabinetry.

- Not as unusual as some might think, the stainless steel faucet is a luxurious compliment to the kitchen, even with a copper sink below it!

- The subtle, yet rustic copper tones make this sink a very impressive addition to the kitchen space, especially with the prominent farmhouse apron front. 

Stainless steel metal

Hammered stainless steel farm sink with right rear drain and built in ledge for accessories.

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Brushed Hammered  

- The Legacy sink features a built in ledge perfect for utilizing the interchangeable accessories such as the drying rack and sponge caddy featured here. 

- The very beautiful and modern looking brushed hammered stainless steel finish exemplifies a unique level of detail and character, while maintaining a very modern look.

- The medium reflective Brushed stainless steel finish features a medium hammering pattern which is visually rich in appearance.

Heritage Farmhouse Sink | Brushed Hammered SS

- Exceptionally detailed, the Heritage farmhouse sink is shown here in the luxurious Brushed Hammered SS finish.

- The hammered stainless drawer pulls and accents throughout the kitchen tie the space together to make for an incredible kitchen. 

- Completely handcrafted in the USA, this sink is a true work of art, built from stainless steel which is guaranteed to last a lifetime!

Top mount Heritage copper sink with a rear deck for faucets.

Heritage Topmount Sink | Smooth Copper

- Shown here as a topmount style sink, the Heritage model features a straight basin and our signature smooth copper finish.

- This custom design features a self-rimming flange for drop in installation on the granite countertops, and a rear deck for the faucets.

- The self-rimming drop in flange is 3/8" thick and provides an aesthetically pleasing architectural edge profile.Stainless steel metal

Heritage stainless farm style apron sink

Heritage Sink | Brushed Stainless

- This powerful display of simplicity and modern luxury is exemplified perfectly in this customer's kitchen, shown here on our signature Heritage sink with a brushed stainless steel finish.

- Undermount integration into the rich and vibrant stone countertops creates a very unique looking focal point for this kitchen. 

- The mildly reflective Brushed finish provides an excellent appearance, complimentary to the darker wood cabinetry in this custom kitchen.

Custom double bowl copper farm house sink with lowered divider 80 20 split

Legacy Double-Bowl FH Sink | Smooth Copper

- This custom sink features an 80-20 bowl split and the signature built-in ledge Havens is known for across the World.

- The Legacy sink beholds a built-in ledge which allows for accessories, further advancing the user capabilities of what can be done in the sink.

- The double bowl farmhouse sink provides an excellent workstation for the user, capable of various tasks.

Stainless steel metal
Stainless steel textured sink in a kitchen with a farmhouse apron front

Heritage Farmhouse Sink | Prestige Stainless

- The Heritage sink is a modern classic, a prestigious result of advanced American craftsmanship and high quality metal.

- The single bowl design is installed beautifully beneath white countertops, and the farmhouse apron front gives the user the convenience of an easy reach to the faucet.

- Shown here in Havens' signature Prestige stainless, this finish is highly durable and beautifully displays a modern look for this very modern kitchen.

Hammered copper farm sink USA handcrafted Havens

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Hammered Copper

- The Legacy sink, shown here in the beautiful hammered copper finish, is a transcendent piece for the kitchen, a domineering focal point for any guest who enters the space.

- The hammering is done completely by hand - giving the copper a truly unique visual aspect, unlike any other.

- The built-in ledge offers advanced functionality and gives the user a convenient location to dry dishes and strain foods.

Stainless steel metal
Kitchen with stainless steel topmount sink. Custom depth and farmhouse apron front.

Heritage Topmount Sink | Brushed Stainless

- This beautifully crafted custom sink was built for a customer who enjoys a spacious and deep basin, as well as a prominent apron front.

- Shown here in our brushed stainless steel finish, this 12" deep Heritage sink effortlessly compliments the stainless steel backsplash in this kitchen.


Stainless steel metal



Triple Bowl Farmhouse Sink | Prestige Stainless

- Happy Holidays from the Havens home, featuring beautiful decorations and a custom triple-bowl farmhouse sink.

- This photo displays the specially made bowls, featuring a segmented faucet placement, as well as a left and right bowl - 10 inches deep, and a center bowl 8 inches deep.

- It looks like Santa came through and ate some of his cookies, and also drank some of his milk! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 

Smooth copper apron farmhouse sink 36 inch

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Smooth Copper

- Advanced utility featuring the drying rack and sponge caddy on the Legacy sink's built in ledge.

- We designed the legacy sink to cut down on time spent food prepping, and eliminate the mess from your countertops.

- The subtle, yet enticing finish on this copper farmhouse sink is beautifully displayed through the apron front panel. Stainless steel metal

Farm sink in kitchen by Havens. Stainless farmhouse Legacy sink.

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Prestige Stainless

- The Legacy sink masterfully compliments the dark backsplash and countertops with our signature stainless steel Prestige finish.

- Shown here with the removable dish drying rack, the Legacy sink allows for multiple interchangeable sink accessories.

Legacy Sink | Prestige Stainless

- The beautiful Legacy sink is shown here in our signature undermount option, perfectly accenting blue stone countertops.

- The textured stainless steel pattern of the metal accentuates other features of the kitchen, giving the space a very modern and unique look.

- The accessory shown here on the built-in ledge is the stainless steel drop-in strainer, perfect for straining out fruits and veggies while still utilizing a large area of the sink.

Stainless steel metal

Top mount copper bar sink, handcrafted from 14 gauge pure copper.

Centra Sink | Smooth Copper | Topmount

- The Centra copper sink is installed here as a topmount for the bar and prep area of this client's kitchen.

- It's a beautiful addition, especially complimenting the Legacy kitchen sink also in this kitchen.

Custom triple bowl stainless steel undermount sink by Havens, shown here with the beautiful farmhouse apron front.

Triple-Bowl Sink | Prestige Stainless

- Designed with 10 inch basins on either side, the custom triple-bowl sink is a beautiful addition to this kitchen.

- The focal point of the kitchen is complete with a beautiful stainless steel apron front, boasting the luxurious Prestige finish the Havens Metal brand is known globally for.

Top mount copper bar sink with faucets on a stone black countertop.

Top Mount Copper Bar Sink

- This beautiful custom made top mount sink is an exceptional addition to the kitchen, and a side compliment to the main kitchen sink.

- A very special project, this particular customer had their countertops cut and a sink that was the wrong size. This was a situation easily resolved with the help of Havens, fabricating a custom top mount sink for drop in installation.

- The customer was ultimately able to keep their beautiful countertops without any modification and utilize a beautiful copper sink with aesthetically pleasing design on the rounded corners of the top mount flange.

Stainless undermount farm sink installed in kitchen by Havens.

Heritage Farmhouse Sink | Brushed Hammered

- A beautiful centerpiece of this homeowner's kitchen, the Heritage sink is complete with our signature brushed hammered stainless steel finish.

- Perfectly accenting the dark quartz countertops, this custom sink features a centered drain. By far one of our favorite undermount sink images, courtesy of a Havens customer.
Stainless steel metal
Legacy copper undermount sink in a Havens customer's kitchen.

Legacy Sink | Smooth Copper

- The highly versatile Legacy sink is shown here in our 14 gauge Copper smooth copper option, with a beautiful farmhouse apron front.

- This customer is utilizing our grid drain and sponge caddy to maximize functionality and easily improve the task of dishwashing.

Stainless steel metal
Hammered steel farmhouse sink 30 inch with stainless faucet

Legacy Stainless Farmhouse Sink | Luxe Hammered

- The Legacy sink is shown here with our signature Luxe Hammered stainless steel finish, over the entire sink and including the farmhouse apron front.

- A statement of true rustic character and luxurious modern appeal, the Legacy sink features a built-in ledge for advanced in sink accessories. 

Hammered copper farmhouse sink - 14 gauge 33 inch sink

Heritage Farmhouse Sink | Hammered Copper

- The Heritage sink is a signature addition to this modern looking kitchen with white countertops and a medium grey cabinetry selection.

- The semi-aggressive hand-hammered finish on the copper presents a very unique visual focal point for guests entering the space.

- This sink features a very rustic and enticing appearance, aesthetically pleasing and complimentary of the other features in this luxurious kitchen. 
Stainless steel metal
Custom brass hood handcrafted by Havens Metal in Orlando

Brass Kitchen Range Hood 

- This beautiful kitchen fixture was custom fabricated to the exact dimensions provided by the local client in the Orlando area.

- The finish shown on this range hood is a brilliant reflection of an oil-rubbed brass, slightly gold in appearance. A complete package, this hood includes a high powered ventilation system to keep the kitchen clean and breathable. 

Copper vessel bathroom sink in a Havens client's bath area. Beautiful rustic luxury for the home lavatory.

Cavo Vessel Sink | Smooth Copper

- The Cavo sink is a beautiful addition to the rustic vintage vanity it's installed on.

- This version of our Cavo sink installs as a topmount vessel style and is a luxurious addition to any bathroom area.

Stainless steel metal
Custom wood grain stainless steel apron front farmhouse sink 32 inch

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Luxe & Woodgrain

- This one of a kind Legacy sink features a special type of metal for the farmhouse apron front. The finish is a Woodgrain pattern on the front portion, which perfectly compliments the Luxe Hammered finish on the inside of the sink.

- The built-in ledge features the stainless steel drying rack for advanced functionality in the kitchen, giving the sink user the ability to dry dishes, strain veggies, and other tasks.

- This custom stainless steel sink is available by special request and is not a standard item. The beautiful apron front Legacy sink is surely the focal point of this homeowner's kitchen.

Copper vessel Circa bath sink in a customer's luxurious home bathroom.

Circa Vessel Sink | Smooth Copper

- The Circa Vesse copper sink is a transcendent design for the bath, perfectly complimenting the dark cabinetry and black granite countertops.

- The double walled vessel style bowl is a freestanding design, and is easily installed above the countertop, making it a perfectly aesthetic design for the bathroom.

- Copper is one of the most incredible types of metal to be used in the bath, a very beneficial and easy to clean type of surface which holds antimicrobial properties. 

Kitchen with double bowl copper sink, built by Havens Metal in the USA form 14 ga. copper.  

Double-Bowl Farm Sink | Smooth Copper

- Aimed at efficiency and functionality, this custom copper sink features a double-bowl with a sliding grid drain feature for drying dishes.

- Designed to the exact specifications of our client, this sink was built as a under-mount, and installed in a weekend beach condo.

- The left basin of the sink features a wide area for soaking dishes/large pots and pans, while the right side serves as a small basin for disposal.

Stainless undermount Legacy sink installed in kitchen by Havens.


Legacy Sink | Brushed Stainless

- Modern luxury is displayed excellently through this Legacy undermount sink in our brushed stainless steel finish.

- Shown here with the removable drying rack on the built-in ledge, the advantage of drying dishes is made simple for this Havens sink owner.
Stainless steel metal

Legacy Luxe stainless steel culinary workstation undermount sink


Legacy Sink | Luxe Stainless

- The Legacy sink is shown here with the signature Havens in sink accessories - the Light Bamboo cutting board and matching Luxe stainless sponge caddy. 

- The ergonomically designed right rear drain placement creates plenty of room underneath the sink for storage, as well as giving the user an intentional location to scrape dishes into. 

Stainless steel metal

Heritage Sink | Prestige Stainless

- The beautifully aesthetic Heritage sink is installed in this luxurious kitchen as a standard undermount sink. The spacious basin allows for large pots and pans while providing extreme durability and resilience against scratches and scuffs.

- The premium 16 gauge Prestige stainless steel finish is highly detailed with diamond textures, giving it a semi-reflective appearance. 


Stainless steel metal
Undermount copper sink 30 inch  

Legacy Sink | Smooth Copper

- A beautiful shot of our Legacy copper sink installed as an undermount sink.

- Shown here without it's accessories in place, the bowl allows for maximum usability while the built in ledge offers versatility.

Copper range hood installed in a commercial kitchen with a need for powerful ventilation.


Commercial Range Hood | Smooth Copper

- Installed in a commercial restaurant kitchen of a local Central Florida client, we built this piece with a smooth copper finish and accentual iron cladding down the bow of the apron and across the front. 

Stainless steel metal
Stainless drop in sink with faucets and drainboard drying rack

Legacy Topmount Sink | Prestige Stainless

- An incredible drop in installation of the Legacy sink, featuring a rear deck for two faucet holes and a centered drain.

- A built-in ledge is also featured for drop in accessories within the sink, shown here using the 12" drying rack.

- The Prestige stainless steel finish is a textured and beautifully detailed appearance, making for an easy to clean sink. 


Stainless utility sink installed and fabricated by Havens Metal in the USA.


Legacy Utility Sink | Prestige Stainless

- Perfect for adding usability and versatility to a laundry room area, this homeowner took advantage of our interior ledge for a great spot to hold cleaners, sponges, and other items.

- Shown here with our Prestige stainless finish, this sink displays a spacious 10 inch basin.
Stainless steel metal

Copper hood image of a beautiful hand-hammered finish with customized liner options.


Kitchen Range Hood | Hammered Copper

- This Copper Range Hood is installed in the luxurious home kitchen of a local customer.
- Showcasing our ability to apply a hand-hammered finish to your copper fixture, this hood was crafted beautifully with an estimated 30,000 strikes of the hammer.

Farmhouse stainless steel sink installed in a kitchen, courtesy of Havens.


Legacy Double-Bowl Sink | Brushed Stainless

- A custom design, this Stainless Steel sink features two basins, an interior ledge, and a beautiful brushed stainless finish.
- With each of the basins differentiating in size, one big and one small, this sink is tailor made to the specific needs of it's owner. Stainless steel metal

Legacy copper undermount sink with sponge ledge and oil rubbed bronze faucet

Legacy Undermount Sink | Smooth Copper 

- The Legacy sink, featured here in a beautiful modern kitchen and installed as an undermount sink.

- This sink features a highly versatile built-in ledge perfect for sliding accessories across the full width of the sink (drying rack & sponge caddy shown).

- The smooth copper finish is excellent for cleaning purposes, antimicrobial benefits, and provides a visually unique focal point in the space.

Stainless steel range hoods images and gallery by Havens.


Kitchen Range Hood | Brushed Stainless

- Displaying our luxurious brushed stainless steel finish, this custom hood is a statement piece for the kitchen space.

- As a compliment to the lightly toned countertops, the simplistic aesthetics of this kitchen are brought to the surface with this handcrafted hood. Stainless steel metal

Orlando architectural sheet metal by Havens Metal Works.


Copper Architectural Arches

- Next time you're in the downtown Orlando area, be sure the check out these beautiful custom copper arches we built.

- Just a block down from the Suntrust building, the copper arches are a statement piece for the City Beautiful: Orlando.
Stainless steel metal
Hammered steel farm sink in 36" base cabinet and stainless faucet

Legacy Brushed Hammered Farmhouse Sink

- The Legacy sink features a prominent farmhouse apron front and a built-in ledge for highly advanced functionality.

- Farm style sinks from Havens can be hammered in the apron front, bowl only, or the entire sink. This homeowner's Legacy sink is hammered all over.

Polished copper range hood installed in kitchen.


Copper Range Hood

- Subtle enough to match the cabinetry, yet vocal enough to draw the eye, this copper range hood is a project completed for a residential kitchen.


- Featuring custom dimensions, fabrication, welding and finishing, this hood is an example of our ability to create a masterpiece that will look exceptional for decades to come.

Beautiful and prominent copper kitchen hood installed with dark cabinetry.


Copper Range Hood | Smooth Polished Copper

- A surely impressive focal point of the kitchen, this custom piece features our brushed copper finish.

- Designed to compliment rustic features of the homeowner's kitchen, the piece speaks for itself.


modern range hood kitchen

Copper Range Hood | Polished Copper

- The team at Havens Metal created this custom copper range hood to evoke a modernistic style to a local Winter Park residential kitchen.
- The glossy, polished finish entices a talking point for every visitor that comes into the space. In addition to the hood, we also installed the stainless steel backsplash, as a compliment to the luxurious fixture.

Outdoor copper shower custom made from 14 gauge copper.


Copper Outdoor Shower

Featured in: SMACNA Architectural Metal Newsletter Volume 10, Issue 3 This was truly a project like no other. With over 70 man-hours from design to installation, our team worked hard to build this owners dream outdoor copper shower. The copper will retain this polished finish for up to 3 years until it becomes naturally weathered to an original patina.  Learn more about this custom residential project > SMACNA: Owners Dream to Reality

Legacy copper farmhouse sink in a kitchen with light wood countertops.  

Legacy Copper Farmhouse Sink

- A beautiful installation of our signature Legacy Copper sink.

- This homeowner is taking advantage of the built in ledge with a 12" grid drain, perfect for drying dishes or other items. It's not the clearest on our gallery of undermount sink images, but the copper sink's quality speaks for itself. 

Hammered copper hood in a luxury home kitchen.

Copper Range Hood | Hammered Copper

- This Copper Range Hood is installed in the luxurious home kitchen of a local customer.

- Showcasing our ability to apply a hand-hammered finish to your copper fixture, this hood was crafted beautifully with an estimated 30,000 strikes of the hammer. Custom orlando sheet metal fabrication.

Custom Copper Roofing

- Designed as a statement piece for downtown Orlando, the custom copper roofing job on top of Church Street Exchange was custom made to entice an exceptional architectural elegance.

copper dock caps


Custom Copper Dock Caps

- Showcasing Havens Metal Works capability to create most any custom masterpiece our customers can vision, we present our copper dock caps.

- These are made to size, adding that finishing touch to any dock/deck area.

- The copper can either be maintained to keep its polished finish or left to naturally transform into an original weathered patina.

copper hood


Copper Range Hood

A range hood constructed for one of our customers with the desire to turn the focal point of their kitchen to the beautiful copper. With a basic idea for your dream kitchen, our experienced professionals will help you design the perfect masterpiece that you will be proud of for decades to come.

Copper bath lavatory sink top mount style.

Copper Lavatory Top Mount Sink

- This custom copper top mount sink for the bath features a self rimming flange for drop in installation.

- The basin features cross brakes for perfect drainage every time. The small lavatory drain opening features a solid copper drain.

Hammered farmhouse pure copper American 33 inch sink

Legacy Farmhouse Sink | Hammered Copper

- This lightly hammered apron front sink features a prominent farmhouse apron front and built-in ledge for advanced functionality.

- The dark tones and granite countertops perfectly accentuate the copper sink and give the kitchen a very elegant visual appeal.

Stainless steel metalOrlando sheet metal fabricationCustom stacked stainless steel range hood for kitchen with backsplash

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