Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

🇺🇸 American Handcrafted To Last Forever
🛠 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel & Pure Copper

Explore Havens Luxury Metals Line of Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks.
Apron Front Style Sinks Available In 12 Luxury Metal Finishes.

🛠 16-Gauge Type 316 American Stainless
⚡️ Scratch Free Luxury Metal Finishes

🛠 14-Gauge Pure American Copper
🔥 Antimicrobial Surface Kills Bacteria

American Handcrafted Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks 🇺🇸
Select from Havens Luxury Metals line of beautiful farmhouse kitchen sinks, featuring ergonomic designs and visually striking apron fronts.
Installation is made easy with the option of Undermount or Topmount (drop-in) style farm sinks. Choose from Kitchen, Bath, and Bar/Prep Sinks.

Select a standard size for your kitchen or custom design any Havens Sink to fit special install circumstances with respect to cabinetry and countertops.
Built to last forever, Havens Sinks include a Limitless Lifetime Warranty, a promise to you that we stand behind our products for life.

Stainless Steel Farmhouse Sinks are an excellent choice for bringing a touch of modern aesthetics to your kitchen, with a very easy to clean surface.
Pure Copper Farmhouse Sinks are special in the sense of antimicrobial properties, a beautiful patina surface, and self healing interior that prevents scratches.


Single, Double & Triple Bowl Sinks
🔥 Personalize Your Farmhouse Sink

Select Single Bowl or custom design your bowl split with Double and Triple Bowl Farmhouse Sinks.
Single Bowl Sinks offer a large basin for maximizing space in washing dishes and soaking deep pots and pans. Utilize Havens optional built-in ledge feature for over a dozen in sink accessories. Include a drop in bowl for your sink, giving you the option to go from single to double bowl instantaneously.

Double Bowl Sinks offer the option of a 50-50 bowl split or alternatively customize the ratio to your preference. Select from 60-40, 80-20 or any split you desire. Utilize two faucets for sinks on the larger size, allowing two different drain locations. Offset your drains to save space under your sink, or keep them centered for symmetry.

Triple Bowl Sinks are more specialized and offer an advanced level of bowl customization. Take advantage of three basins to maximize efficiency in your kitchen. Possibilities are limitless, with the option to size each basin individually. For example, your center bowl can be 8 inches deep with left and right bowls at 10 inches deep.

🇺🇸 Custom Size Farmhouse Sinks
🛠 14-Gauge Pure American Copper

Customize a Farmhouse Sink with Havens Luxury Metals
As American handcrafted metal fabricators, we build all of our sinks starting with a flat sheet of metal and ending with a beautifully finished sink, ready to install. As advanced craftsmen, we offer our clients the ability to customize every detail and ultimately design their dream sink. Select from different install types including undermount, topmount (drop-in) and even retrofit. The possibilities are endless, and we love to create sinks that are far from average. If you can dream it, we can do it!

Important factors come into play with designing a custom farmhouse sink. Consider the way you use your sink - how you wash dishes, prepare food, and entertain your guests. A farm style sink should be a focal point in your kitchen, enticing anyone that enters the kitchen space. Make the most out of your kitchen for years to come.

Select from over a dozen luxury metal finishes for a personalized look. Havens offers our clients the choice of smooth, hammered or textured metal finishes. For a rustic look, consider a hand-hammered farmhouse sink. For more of a modern approach, consider our textured finishes such as Prestige or Royal Oak Stainless Steel.

Legacy Farmhouse Sinks - Advanced Workstations ⚡

Select from over a dozen Advanced Sink Accessories including Pro Cutting Boards, Drying Racks, and Removable Bowls!

5 Important Farmhouse Sink Questions 📝

What is a Farmhouse Sink? The definition of a farmhouse sink is a sink that has an exposed front-facing side known as an "apron front". As you use the sink, the front of it will meet your torso. The alternative of a farmhouse style sink is having cabinetry and a few inches of exposed countertop in the front of the sink. With an exposed front, the sink will show off it's beauty and can easily become a beautiful focal point. Placement is key in achieving a striking focal point in your kitchen space.

What is the purpose of a Farmhouse Sink? The main function of a farmhouse sink is functionality and the added bonus of a visually enticing apron front. A major benefit of farmhouse sinks is to minimize the reach to the faucet, allowing for a more spacious basin without having to expand your sink's basin beyond standard range. All Havens sinks offer full customization and can be made deep, shallow or somewhere in the middle. We recommend 8-10 inches deep for typical farmhouse sinks.

What are the drawbacks of a Farmhouse Sink? There are no drawbacks of a Havens farmhouse style sink. If you select a different brand farmhouse sink, you may experience drawbacks such as extra depth and losing out on under sink storage. Also, if the sink is made of a lower quality material, you may experience unsightly damage on the apron front face such as scuffs, dents, and tarnishing. With an exposed apron front, you want to make sure you select a high quality farm style sink as to avoid any long term issues. If the sink company compromise on quality, the apron front will be the first to show signs of wear and tear.

Can you put a Farmhouse Sink in a modern style kitchen? Absolutely. There is no limitation to where a farmhouse sink can be implemented. Don't let the term "farmhouse" fool you, these sinks go in all spaces, ranging from sprawling upscale kitchens to small cozy kitchens. Havens is known for handcrafting the most beautiful sinks in the World, seen in kitchens of all styles, including modern.

I have an existing sink I want to replace. Can I install a new Farmhouse Sink? Yes, absolutely. Havens is the only sink company in the World that offers you a solution to replacing ANY sink. If you have an undermount sink for example, you can source a countertop fabricator to cut your existing countertops to allow for an apron front sink. This can be done by retrofitting with a topmount style sink or carefully customizing an undermount sink to slide into the existing base cabinet. For more information on replacing your existing sink, we recommend calling the Havens Team to review your options.

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