Custom Corner Sinks

Custom Copper & Stainless Steel Corner Sinks

custom stainless steel corner sink kitchen islandStainless steel corner sink on kitchen island

Homeowners facing the challenge of configuring dimensions and specs of a corner sink can look to us for guidance, as we specialize in custom sink fabrication. Utilizing every available inch of your kitchen space is important, especially in tight spaces. Corner sinks are an excellent solution to this common situation.

Corner sinks can be made to accommodate nearly any situation, big or small. We offer single bowl, double-bowl, and triple-bowl corner sinks.
We offer many different options and configurations, backed by our knowledge building custom kitchen sinks.

Undermount Corner Sinks

custom copper corner sinkundermount corner sink

  • Custom made and built to your exact specifications, we offer corner sink designs which install beneath the countertop or granite. 
  • Easy to maintain, spacious, and unique, this style of corner sink is the most realistic option for homeowners designing a kitchen and placing new countertops.

    Topmount Corner Sinks

    • An ideal solution for homeowners looking to drop a sink on top of already existing countertops, this style of sink includes a self-rimming flange about 1" wide.
    • Often times our clients will come to us wanting to get more out of their limited kitchen space without redoing countertops or getting new granite.
    • Top mount corner sinks allow homeowners to take full advantage of limited space by dropping in a new sink over top of the counters.

    Farmhouse Corner Sinks

    • The farmhouse apron front option can be added to our undermount or topmount corner sink designs for an added cost.
    • We offer complete customization on our apron front sinks, including custom patina artwork.

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