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Hand Crafted in the USA. The perfect companion to any Havens | Luxury Metal Sink

There are a lot of things to consider when picking out the right luxury faucet. We are here to help you take your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary with the best faucets out there. When choosing a faucet, there are so many things to consider: style, color, height and build quality just to name a few.

We are going to introduce you to the same luxury kitchen faucets we have used to create countless kitchens. Let's make your home unforgettable with a touch of elegance. 
Imagine your guests complimenting you on your beautiful new kitchen, "Very nice! What faucets do you have?" You smile, thinking about how it was a good investment.
Keep reading to find out exactly why our customers love including these faucets with nearly every sink order...


Will you be installing a new sink?

If you are replacing your kitchen sink, consider the finish of the sink and how it might affect the style of faucet you choose. 
A copper farmhouse sink could be paired with a classic or traditional faucet in brass or copper, for example. If you have a modern stainless steel sink, consider choosing a modern faucet in stainless steel or chrome.
The Havens Gallery is a showroom featuring the highest quality sinks in the World and select faucets, on display for customers and clients in the Central Florida area.
What style of faucet do you like?
When you're thinking about buying a new faucet, it's important to know what style you like. Let's break it down into the two main style categories - traditional and contemporary. 
Traditional Style Faucets
Traditional styles have a tubular spout that is shorter than the neck and feature an exposed handle. They pair well with classic kitchen designs, like one where you could find our Legacy Farmhouse Sinks.


Contemporary Style Faucets
Modern / Contemporary Faucet's feature straighter lines and a higher neck that give it an elegant, minimalistic appearance.
The Havens Eclipse Dual-Tier Sink System is the perfect companion to a Waterstone Modern Luxury Faucet with it's striking, minimalist design. 
Angled Spout Pulldown Faucets

The Angled Spout Pulldown Faucet is a customer favorite. The 6 degree angled spout flows outward toward the middle of your sink, making it easy to fill pots and wash large items. 

The pull-down lever handle head extends 18 inches from the spout. It is a perfect faucet for those who may have a deeper sink or want a more functional design in their kitchen.

The faucet you pick out should complement the rest of your kitchen's finishes and fixtures.
Imagine owning a stunning, retro-styled copper stovetop and matching oven. You would want to have a faucet that complements this unique style. 
For instance, the Traditional Wheel Pull Down Faucet in Polished Copper could work with your copper appliances and add luxury to your kitchen.
Maybe, you have matte black appliances and bronze pulls on your cabinets.
A custom split finish faucet is just what you need. It has a matte black neck and bronze knobs, which will give it an elegant look that will complement any cabinet style.
What Accessories Should You Pair with Your Brand New Luxury Faucet?

A lot of people don't think about what other accessories they want to accompany their new luxury faucet, but that's a mistake!

Keep your kitchen clean with the Side Spray. An easy way to rinse dishes without having to move them around and without spraying water everywhere. The side spray is perfect for pre-rinsing items before placing them in the dishwasher.

Another fantastic accessory to consider with every faucet order is the Soap Dispenser. There's nothing worse than seeing an ugly bottle of soap on the countertop taking away from the beauty of a custom sink and faucet.

Do you have a garbage disposal? One of the most functional accessories in our lineup is the Air Switch. An Air Switch is a super convenient alternative to a wall switch; by having the disposal wired directly to your Air Switch, you have a sink full of functionality and beautiful integration.

All of the sink accessories we offer come in a variety of styles and finishes, making it easier than ever to create a complete kitchen sink and faucet experience.

Your faucet should work for you and fit seamlessly into your kitchen design
Adding a Waterstone Faucet to your Haven's Sink order is the perfect solution!

Whatever your style, we can help you make it happen. Our faucet partners, Waterstone, have been working for years to design a faucet that is both beautiful and durable. 

The result is a Havens Approved Product: Luxury Faucets with unmatched style and durability, featuring lifetime functional warranties!

When you are ordering a faucet for your kitchen, give us a call. We'll be happy to help you choose the right faucet for your kitchen. 

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