The Pros and Cons of Vessel Sinks: Copper & Stainless
September 13, 2021

The Pros and Cons of Vessel Sinks: Copper & Stainless

Vessel sinks are among the most prestigious designs that can implement to a luxury home's bathroom. A freestanding basin available in a large variety of shapes and styles, the vessel sink is a very classic design, perfect for adding a unique visual aspect to the bath area. As both a versatile and ergonomic design, these sinks can be made out of high quality copper and stainless. Take into account the uniqueness, and consider the pros and cons of owning one of these acclaimed beauties:

Pros of Vessel Sinks

The pros of owning a vessel sink begins with installation.  Easier to install than a standard undermount sink, this style of sink free stands directly on the countertop, and the only requirements are clearance and a standard 1-3/4" lavatory drain hole. This style of sink is top mount, doesn't require any specific countertop cutout as they install on top of it, as opposed to undermount which installs below. 

Another significant advantage of owning a vessel sink is the ability to swap the sink out at any given time. In most cases, the sink can be installed and removed within just minutes. Since installation is made so simple, existing countertops and cabinetry won't require modification, and can accommodate any range of different sinks over their lifespan.

One of the most important aspects of owning a beautiful sink is the ability for the sink to transcend the space, contributing a visually stylish addition to the area. As opposed to the ever day undermount sink, vessel sinks provide an actual freestanding fixture that can both be seen as a work of art and an ergonomic wash basin. 

The comfortability of washing up in a vessel sink is second to none. The basin provides a convenient location for washing hands, brushing teeth, and getting ready for the day - while at the same time enticing guests. The function of utilizing a freestanding basin is very comfortable with the perfect amount of clearance for the faucet. With the right depth in mind (3-6 inches), the water won't splash onto the counters, and contains usage to the basin exclusively. 

Cavo vessel copper sink on top of an antique wood vanity with oil-rubbed bronze faucets.Another awesome advantage is the option to use an antique or classic vanity countertop. If you plan to integrate a rustic or classic vanity into your bath space, you might not have the option to cut the sink opening, so it makes more sense to do a vessel mounted installation as to not permanently modify the fixture. Often times, powder rooms will feature a sink on top of a classic or antique vanity. This can be very appealing in the right space, and can greatly enhance the visual aspect and entice visitors who enter the wash area. Implementing a sink bowl on top of a vanity presents numerous options in copper, stainless steel, or even a glass sink bowl. With each of these options, artwork can be applied to the outside wall of the sink - especially in copper. 

Havens offers a wide range of copper patina artwork to be applied to any vessel sink, and this definitely is an enticing option to result in a one of a kind sink. Aside from the many benefits associated with these sinks, there can be some disadvantages to consider. If you design the space correctly, or consult with a pro, there will be no issues with using the sink.

Cons of Vessel Sinks

The most important factor to consider with owning a vessel sink is the splashing. This means that you will want to properly address the amount of bowl depth and water pressure from the faucet, as to not splash water over the countertops. With the right amount of bowl depth, the sink will not have any issues with splashing. Havens recommends a depth of at least 4 inches for any vessel. Anything less than 4 inches will make the sink prone to splashing, as washing your hands may cause the water to land outside of the bowl. If you are considering a bowl depth shallower than 4 inches, consider a wider length (and width if not symmetrical), in order to properly keep all of the water inside the sink. The standard bath sink is typically 18 inches for a circular or square design. 

Another concern with vessel sinks for the bathroom is the pricing. While most standard undermount bath sinks are fairly inexpensive, vessels can potentially be double the cost, as there is much more material, welding, and finishing involved. Anytime a Havens sink requires a double wall as a freestanding sink, the fixture is formed as two individual pieces and welded together, with nearly twice as many seams as an undermount version. Since Havens sinks are handcrafted and not punched out of a machine, they are of the highest quality and display one of a kind beauty for the luxury home's bath. If you are at all unsure about design concerns with faucet reach, vanity countertop height, and vessel sink dimensions, consider consulting with a professional designer or call Havens directly to address your questions.

Shopping For The Best Vessel Sink

Whether you are designing a bathroom from scratch, remodeling, or simply replacing an existing sink, there are endless possibilities when it comes to selecting the right sink. It's important to consider the vanity or countertop the vessel will be installed on, as the specifications and type of material of the bowl will hinge on those aspects. If you prefer a vanity with a built in sink, consider the option of having a fully integrated countertop sink combination installed. These are excellent for brand new installs, and copper is almost always a perfect for choice for this type of fixture.

Aside from vanity countertops, a Havens bath sink can be custom fabricated in any variety of shapes and styles. Typically, this style of sink is a circle or oval shaped design - however, irregularly shaped sinks can also be made. Consider one of Havens most intriguing and popular designs, such as the Cavo or Circa sink, perfect for integrating luxury directly into your home's bath or powder room. Address concerns and designs with a professional on the Havens team, and your expectations in quality and aesthetic beauty will be surpassed on a luxurious vessel sink.