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September 13, 2021

Imported Copper Sinks - BEWARE

So you've found the perfect copper sink for your fits the budget, the dimensions are up to par, the style is perfect, heck it even looks more efficient than your old sink! But just wait...did you read the fine print?

While all of this may seem great, you may want to consider the immediate and lasting consequences of purchasing an imported sink. Now, I am not saying ALL imported sinks are garbage, just MOST of them.

Finding a reputable supplier who is transparent about their quality is a responsibility left best for the homeowner, so in the mean time please enjoy my attempt at unbiased two cents on imported copper sinks:

The copper sink is an increasingly prominent addition to any home kitchen, bath or bar area, assuming that the sink fits the homeowner's standards for quality. Choosing the wrong copper sink can turn out to be a massive headache, and eventually even turn into an eyesore in your beautiful kitchen.

Maintaining a sink should be one of the easiest tasks you come across within your home. Waxing, drying, or polishing your copper sink is considered obsolete by any Havens Metal sink owner.

Through basic research it's easy to see that many companies selling imported sinks are using disclaimers or warnings on their products that look like these: "dry sink after each use", "wax once a month to preserve the finish", "dimensions may vary up to 1/2 inch."

Before purchasing a sink online, it's very important to research the product. The last thing you want during a kitchen renovation is a poorly made copper sink to be installed, as this will cause major problems down the line.
Think about it...most of the imported sink manufacturers are using a thin gauge of recycled copper to build their sinks that when finished, may be up to an entire HALF INCH off of the original dimensions. To make matters worse, their products aren't backed by a lifetime warranty or any kind of guarantee. 

While some homeowners can rationalize hands on maintenance for an inexpensive copper sink, it's important to remember that a quality copper sink should require little to no maintenance. Since copper is a living metal that will naturally patina over time, the finish will recondition itself gradually which makes for a visual masterpiece.

Finding the perfect Copper Sink for your home can be daunting. In today's world, it is easy to be mislead by manufacturers who misrepresent their products, eager to make a quick buck. With Havens Metal, you will never be mislead. As a USA manufacturer of the finest copper sinks in the world, we stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty. 

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