Copper in the Home Kitchen
September 13, 2021

Copper in the Home Kitchen

You've heard about it, researched it, and even visualized it: bringing Copper to your home kitchen area.
As grand as it sounds, you have some will I maintain and clean the copper? How will it age over time? What is the life expectancy of the sink?

Well not to worry, this information is here to alleviate some of your concerns with bringing Copper to your home.

As one of the oldest metals known to man, copper dates back to medieval times, often used for cooking, weapons, or even structures. As a multi-purpose material, copper maintains certain properties that give it an advantage over other choices for a home kitchen sink.

While addressing the benefits of the metal, please keep in mind that not all copper is made equally and certain properties may only apply to pure, quality grade copper. It's very important to know the quality of the metal before making a sink purchase, as buying a sink made from low-grade copper can have disastrous consequences.  

The Look

Purchasing a quality made copper sink brings about many benefits to your kitchen, bath, or bar area. As a living metal, copper is known to naturally patina over time, giving it eccentric rustic characteristics that will display unique visual appeal for decades to come.

In terms of display, you can never go wrong with copper as it entices the focal point of the home kitchen, drawing the eye to it's rich blends of oranges, browns, and rustic teals.

Although copper might be beautiful, what does it mean for cleanliness, prep or cleanup?

The Cleanliness

As you may or may not know, copper boasts antimicrobial properties making it a fighter against bacteria, harmful pathogens, and viruses spread through raw and uncooked foods. According to studies, copper eradicates bacterias within a half hour of exposure and slims the chance of spreading viruses known to cause food-borne illness.

The Maintenance

So it's great that copper is a lean mean germ fighting machine but what does cleaning and maintaining the sink entail? "Don't I have to wax it and dry after each use?"

The answer is NO! We get this questions ALL the time. Unfortunately, the copper sink industry has taken on a reputation of tedious maintenance and strenuous cleaning due to the nature of our competitor's quality.

Beware of cheap imports!

To cut costs, copper sink manufacturers are using a higher gauge of recycled material to build their sinks out of, resulting in an inferior product. When a brand uses this type of metal to make a copper sink out of, the natural characteristics of the material will alter dramatically: dimensions vary up to an entire half inch with some manufacturers, the finish may be lacquered (this means no antimicrobial properties), the sink may pool water and not drain properly, etc. 

With all of this in mind, we urge all of our visitors to do their homework! Research is key when choosing the right copper sink for your home kitchen. Make sure to read ALL maintenance guides, disclaimers, and be sure to know where the product is made!

While there are only a handful of USA copper sink manufacturers (Havens Metal included), we find that most copper sinks are made south of the border, Mexico. While their prices may seem great, you get what you pay for in terms of quality. Mexico is notorious for flushing out inferior "hand-hammered copper sinks" made by "Artisans." What you're actually getting with a Mexican sink is a poorly measured scrap of copper that won't drain properly and is hammered to hide imperfections. Say, there has to be a reason EVERY SINGLE Mexican sink on the market has the "hand-hammered" finish!

The Solution

With plenty of choices for copper sink brands, we want to let you know that Havens Metal crafts all copper products from American made non-recycled 99.9% pure copper with a standard to create the finest sinks in the world. Purchasing a Havens sink guarantees effortless maintenance, no drying or waxing, and perfect drainage with every use.