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September 13, 2021

Copper Sinks: The Antimicrobial Solution

In 2008, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) confirmed copper as the first solid metal to posses antimicrobial properties effective in killing and eliminating harmful, potentially deadly bacteria living on touch surfaces. Through extensive antimicrobial efficacy testing, it was found that copper begins to eliminate germs upon contact, and eradicate 99.9% of harmful bacteria within two hours. This research leads the movement in transitioning copper as the primary touch surface in all hospitals and healthcare facilities. So what does this mean for your kitchen?

Installing a copper sink in your kitchen not only adds functionality and aesthetics, but also the inherent health benefits found when using antimicrobial copper. These benefits include the continuous elimination of harmful bacteria, a dramatic reduction in contamination from dangerous food-borne pathogens, and a defense against spreading infections/diseases throughout your kitchen. By using a copper sink, your kitchen becomes a safe, bacteria-free environment to prepare food, and sanitize cooking utensils/dishes for the protection against illness and disease. 

However, imported copper products are manufactured using annealed recycled copper, not pure copper. This lower quality material allows bacteria to survive on non-copper alloys, reducing the antimicrobial benefits of virgin copper. At Havens Metal, we're proud to say that we exclusively use 14 gauge cold rolled 99.9% pure copper; Purchased domestically from a USA copper mill. This manufacturing process ensures your full benefit in eliminating harmful bacteria from your kitchen within two hours of exposure. Combining the inherent health benefits of antimicrobial copper, with a stunning aesthetic and functional experience, Havens sinks create the standard for quality and design. 

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