September 13, 2021

Copper Farmhouse Sink Origins

undermount farmhouse kitchen sink A Unique Display of Traditional Style,
Integrated with the Modern Luxury of Today

Choosing the right kitchen sink for your home's kitchen presents various options and features, all of which can benefit individual household needs for washing, prepping, and entertaining. 

Any Havens sink can be fabricated to have an apron front, which is a prominent feature that offers the kitchen a visually rich focal point. The farm sink dates back to 17th Century kitchens, and is commonly referred to as the farmhouse sink.
The farmhouse design is a timeless classic, known for it's 17th century heritage where it would be found in homes of wealthy European families. The very first farm sink designs aimed to reduce reach distance to the sink and at the same time provide a large wash basin, ultimately resulting in a more comfortable work space for the user.

Custom Stainless Steel Triple-Bowl Farmhouse Sink
Since a hammered finish has more character than a smooth finish, it helps to blend in better with food and other normal sink particles. Copper and stainless hammered farm style sinks can be cleaned very easily with just a soapy sponge and running water.

Installing a Farmhouse Sink In Existing Cabinetry: Retrofit Farm Sinks

With many designs available for your perfect farmhouse sink, we offer custom fitting options that allow us to retrofit the farm sink to your existing kitchen cabinetry.
Retrofitting a farmhouse sink to existing cabinets can be a cost effective way to upgrade your kitchen space without getting too involved with the remodeling process.
If you decide on a retrofit farm sink, we will use custom fabrication to design an apron that is sized to install over your already existing cabinetry.
This design option can be used on both undermount and topmount installation sinks. 
Retrofit farmhouse sinks can be installed two different ways: underneath the countertop (undermount), or drop in over top of the countertop (topmount).
Available custom options for your Farmhouse Sink:
Metal Type: 14 Gauge Copper, 16 Gauge Stainless Steel   |   Bowl-count: Single-bowl, double-bowl, triple-bowl
Installation Type: Undermount & Topmount installation   |   Drain location: Left, Right, Centered
Copper & Stainless Finishes: Smooth or Hammered   |   Backsplash & Rear Deck: Ideal for faucet holes and topmount installs
Style: Heritage, Legacy Sink (built-in ledge), Eclipse Sink (dual-tier)   |   Apron Artwork: Select from luxurious copper patina artwork designs