4 Great Reasons to Love Prep Sinks
September 13, 2021

4 Great Reasons to Love Prep Sinks

The concept of utilizing a prep sink in the kitchen is quickly becoming very popular, as these sinks are ergonomically beneficial and sure to lessen the burden of preparing large meals, allowing for multiple cooks in the same kitchen, and eliminating messes on the counters.

1. Efficient Meal Preparation

One thing that is awesome about prep sinks is that they are conveniently positioned right next to your cooking and food storage areas to enable normal kitchen tasks with ease. Positioning a prep sink on your kitchen island can also be extremely beneficial, giving you a convenient location to handle small to medium tasks, a nice alternative to your normal sink. Prep sinks are best known as a compliment to the main kitchen sink, and can be crafted in copper and stainless. Copper kitchen sinks have beautiful accents, and are available in undermount and topmount installation. Personalize your prep and select a farmhouse apron front sink, an excellent choice for adding visual character to utility. 

2. Secondary Sink for Disposal 

In addition to making cooking much easier, prep sinks can also be fitted with units that can be used for waste disposal. Having a sink with a disposal drain is great, but a prep sink with one is even better. Say your kitchen sink is stacked full of dishes, but you need to drain out a dish...head over to the prep sink and dispose of any food or scraps.

3. Great for multiple cooks

If you are in a home where more than a single person cooks at once, then getting a prep sink is a must. Imagine this kind of situation, you are in the kitchen and a loved one is using the main sink for doing dishes and you want to clean a plate. If you have only a single sink, this will seem really inconvenient as you will have to wait for the other sink to be open. When you have a prep sink however, that can be used instead whilst the loved one continues with whatever they were doing on the other sink. A prep sink is definitely a valuable resource for a multitude of uses.

4. Great for extra uses

There are times where you might need to soak something in the sink for a few hours, a prep sink will prove to be really useful in such moments as it is rarely used. In cases of family gatherings, you could fill the prep sink with ice to make it easier for people who might want to cool their drinks.  There are a lot more things you could do with your prep sink.

In conclusion, a prep sink is an amazing add-on to any kitchen, further advancing the utility and overall user experience. These designs are offered in copper and stainless steel, available in undermount and topmount installation. Havens Metal crafts prep sinks in standard and custom sizes, inquire today and upgrade your kitchen!