Waterstone Modern PLP Pulldown Faucet - 9450


Waterstone Modern PLP Pulldown Faucet - Model # 9450

These Modern PLP Pulldown Faucets are perfect for any kitchen with a minimal, modern look. Clean and streamline, these unique PLP Pulldowns have a thinner, sleek faucet body design and brings a professional-level functionality to your home. It’s a simple yet sophisticated design and will become the centerpiece to any urban kitchen. A modified version of our existing contemporary models, the Modern PLP Pulldown is a faucet that is simplistic in design and blends right into an uncluttered lifestyle. The elegant C-Spout has a larger 8-5/8” reach and can swivel 360 degrees. An innovative anti-rocking assembly design ensures a smooth spout swivel. Food prep and clean up are made simple with our unique “Positive Lock Pulldown” hand sprayer. Press the sprayer’s toggle button and water instantly diverts from aerated stream to wide spray. The PLP sprayer can pull out up to 18” from the spout and reach every corner of the sink. A counterbalanced weight on the hose allows for a smooth pull every time and prevents snap back. The sprayer handle is fully insulated against heat and swivels easily in your hand. When finished, the sprayer easily slides back up into the spout and locks firmly into place. No sprayer sag! The innovative handle design has a factory set tension system that allows for a smooth, consistent push and pull. A 25mm hot/cold ceramic disk valve cartridge helps save water and controls the flow to a maximum of 1.75 gpm. When installing, you have the option of mounting the handle in the front, on the right or on the left. The handle can also adjust up to 22.5 degrees, right or left, for clearance from backsplash. Constructed from solid, eco-friendly brass or marine grade 316 stainless steel – and like all of our faucets, proudly made in the USA!

🇺🇸 Designed, engineered and proudly Made In The USA 🇺🇸
🔥 Made from eco-friendly solid brass and available in 32 finishes 🔥

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Waterstone Modern PLP Faucet Features:
• Thin, sleek body design gives a clean and simplistic look.
• “Positive Lock Pulldown” design locks sprayer in place when not in use. No sag.
• Spout has 8-5/8” reach and can swivel 360 degrees.
• Anti-rocking spout assembly ensures smooth spout swivel without wobbling.
• Toggle handle spray head pulls out 18” from spout.
• Counterbalanced weight on spray hose allows smooth pull out and prevents snap back.
• Sprayer instantly diverts water from aerated stream to wide spray when handle is held.
• Spray swivel design is fully insulated against heat, and swivels easily in your hand.
• 1.75 gpm maximum flow rate with aerated tip.
• Innovative handle tension system prevents sagging. Unique Wave Spring Tensioner ensures handle tension will not change and requires no adjustment.
• Single handle can mount in front, right or left hand positions.
• When mounted on side, handle can adjust 22.5 degrees for backsplash clearance.
• New 25mm hot/cold ceramic disk valve cartridge
• Resistant to reverse osmosis water.
• Made from eco-friendly solid brass or 316 stainless steel.
• 20” reinforced braided connection hoses with 3/8” compression fitting.
• Includes reversible or removable hot/cold indicator ring.
• Lifetime functional warranty.

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