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Havens Post Install Rewards - Free Advanced Sink Accessories

As a limited incentive to select clients, we are actively offering a reward for completing 3 of the tasks linked below. It only takes 5 minutes!

Earn $250 In Havens Accessories - Follow The Steps Below

Step 1: Take photos of your sink installed (3-5 images)

Step 2:  Submit install photos by text or email below

Step 3: Review your experience with Havens on Google and Houzz

Each Completed Reward Task = $50
Bonus - Complete All 3 Tasks = $250

For Example: Complete All 3 x Tasks, and Select a Free 12" Drying Rack for Your Sink

Reward Task 1

⇾ Text Install Photos ⇽   or   ⇾ Email Install Photos ⇽

Text: 407-383-7968 | Email:
Text or Email quality images of your new sink (Examples Below - Please include all 4 corners and faucet)

Reward Task 2

⇾ Review Havens on Google ⇽
Havens Luxury Metal reviews on Google

Reward Task 3

⇾ Review Havens on Houzz ⇽ 

Review Havens Luxury Metals on Houzz

Success! Reward Tasks Completed

After you have successfully completed the task(s), Alex Havens will email you a link to select your free accessories.
If you have any questions, email
If you have a custom sink, the accessories will be custom fitted to the sink's built in ledge for accessories
We appreciate the support from all clients after 36 years in business that has provided completed project photos and feedback in an online review.

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