Custom Sink Template Kit

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Select from 9 premium copper and stainless steel finishes. Havens offers metal sample packs to give you a physical representation of the best option of copper or stainless steel to select for your project. Each swatch is 4" x 4".

Exclusively Melted, Mined, and Manufactured in the USA

Smooth Copper: A visually unique and luxurious finish, copper has a rich brown/deep orange appearance.

Hammered Copper: Hand hammered by skilled craftsman, hammered copper is a rustic and visually enticing finish.

Brushed Copper: A premium artwork finish, Brushed copper is a luxurious appearance featuring a horizontal ingrained pattern on the natural copper.

Luxe Stainless: A semi-reflective metal, Luxe is similar to what you will see on modern day appliances in the kitchen. Highly resilient to scratching, Luxe is a smooth to the touch finish.

Luxe Hammered Stainless: This finish is realistically the best option for a heavy use kitchen. The hammered finish provides visual beauty while providing extreme durability. 

Royal Oak Stainless: A luxurious and visually intriguing stainless steel finish, Royal Oak is designed for modern and aesthetically stimulating kitchens. The woodgrain textured appearance is both easy to clean and draws the eye to an incredible focal point. 

Brushed Stainless: A horizontal pattern is finely Brushed into this stainless material - giving the metal a reflective and visually stimulating appearance.

Brushed Hammered Stainless: The most luxurious finish available, Brushed hammered stainless has an incredible presence in any space.

Prestige Stainless: This finish features diamond shaped patterns on the metal - giving the surface a textured feel. Prestige stainless is a very modern looking stainless steel, and is virtually impossible to scratch.