Six Serve Board

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Six Serve Board

A perfectly sized approach to prepping and serving in the kitchen, the Six Serve Board is as effective as it is enticing. This accessory includes 6 acrylic containers which integrate perfectly into the custom cut slots. The containers can be capped with the included lids, or be removed completely to store in the fridge. This board comes highly recommended for any Havens sink, as it is very convenient to use for any time you would like to entertain guests or prepare without a mess on your countertops.

🔥 Luxury Cutting Board Finishes 🔥
Amber Bamboo | Light Bamboo | Midnight Black | Snow White
Select from stain resistant bamboo or high quality poly-carbonate

🇺🇸 American Made Cutting Board With A Limitless Lifetime Warranty 🇺🇸

Professional Cutting Board Features:
Application: Easy slides along the built-in ledge of Havens sinks.
Cleaning & Care: Easily clean with just a soapy sponge. Poly Carbonate Boards are Dishwasher friendly if you prefer.


Havens Lifetime Warranty 🤝

Sustainability, durability, and longevity are the cornerstones of our American craftsmanship!
Havens Luxury Metals products are designed to perform at the highest level and include a Limitless Lifetime Warranty.

Beauty and functionality combine for easy to clean finishes on highly ergonomic designs, engineered to last forever. 
The Limitless Lifetime Warranty covers every aspect of your purchase, from the craftsmanship to the durability of the material.

Engineered To Last Forever

As highly skilled metal fabricators, we engineer our products to last forever and use only the highest quality metals in our craft.
For these reasons, our products will never deteriorate, rust, crack, warp or corrode.
The integrity of our crafstmanship and quality of our metal is why Havens sets the golden standard for any metal product's warranty.

The Havens Lifetime Warranty protects against defects in workmanship, structural integrity, and covers your purchase from issues such as shipping damage.
When you select Havens, you are choosing the highest quality product available with the most robust Lifetime Warranty in the industry.

For more specific information on our Warranty, please visit - The Havens Limitless Lifetime Warranty
For Warranty Related Questions, please contact us or call Havens at (407)-456-7071

American Handcrafted 🇺🇸

Havens Luxury Metals products are exclusively Handcrafted In The USA. We do not outsource any part of our fabrication process.
We have a strong passion to be 100% Made In The USA and support likeminded businesses that join us in this mission.
By Supporting the mission to be 100% Made In The USA, you support the families of American Craftsman and protect the American dream.

Every Havens metal product begins with a sheet of high quality Amercian metal that is mined, melted, and sourced directly from American suppliers.
Havens has cultivated relationships with copper mines, stainless steel suppliers, and lumber mills that are 100% American made.

“America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”

Luxury Cutting Boards 🔪

Havens Cutting Boards

American Made from the highest quality Bamboo and Poly-Carbonate
Select from 4 high quality finishes that will hold up under extreme use

Amber Bamboo | Light Bamboo | Midnight Black | Snow White

Havens cutting boards are designed for everyday use and are easy to care for.
Utilize your cutting board on the built-in ledge of Havens Advanced Workstation Sinks, or opt to slice food on your countertop for a nice and easy cutting surface.

Includes Havens Limitless Lifetime Warranty