Hammered Stainless Steel & Copper Kitchen Sinks

Hammered copper and stainless steel farmhouse sinks - USA handcrafted

One of the most intriguing and visually enticing features for the luxury home kitchen is a hammered copper or stainless steel sink. 
The handcrafted details of these beautifully crafted sinks entice guests with a visually stimulating appearance, unlike any other sink available today. 

Each and every Havens sink is masterfully crafted as a work of art, through precision and highly experienced craftsmanship.
The hammered finish is applied to both sides of the metal with a rubber tipped hammer to ensure a consistent and premium appearance throughout.

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⇩ Important Questions - Hammered Copper & Stainless Steel Sinks ⇩

1. What is the care and maintenance involved with a hammered sink? The care of a hammered copper or stainless sink is no more than any Havens sink with a smooth finish. In fact, a hammered finish will better hide food blemishes in between cleans. The recommended care and cleaning of a Havens sink is once a month with a soapy sponge - whether it has a hammered or smooth finish. 

2. Can I customize the hammered finish to be more or less aggressive? Absolutely, however your sink will be made to order. We offer three hammering techniques (light, medium, and heavy). Each of the sinks shown in stock throughout the Havens online store have our medium hammered finish, which is a perfect look for any kitchen. If you prefer a lighter or heavier finish on your sink, please call or email The Havens Team to setup a custom order.

3. Can I select where I would like the hammered finish? Yes, this is a standard option on all Havens farmhouse sinks. The three options available are hammered bowl only, hammered apron only, or hammer entire sink (bowl & apron). If you have selected a standard undermount sink without an apron front, there is one option for hammering placement - bowl only. 

4. What if I don't like the hammered finish after I order and the sink arrives? If for whatever reason you are unhappy with the appearance of your Havens sink, contact us immediately and we will exchange your sink for the same one in a different finish.

5. Are hammered sinks a good idea for modern kitchens? Definitely! The hammered finish adds a very unique and visually stimulating appearance to the kitchen, giving modern appliances, countertops and cabinetry a complimentary focal point to draw the eye. Many homeowners seeking a rustic, farmhouse, Spanish, or mediterranean style kitchen will consider the hammered look - however these beauties add tremendous visual value to modern kitchens as well. 

6. Will water pool in the hammered spots of the sink? Not a chance. Each and every Havens sink is water tested to ensure perfect drainage with every use. The hammering technique used by our craftsman has been applied to thousands of Havens sinks, and we've never had a customer complain about drainage issues. The ergonomic slightly sloping design of all Havens sinks allows water to flow perfectly to the drain location, leaving no water pockets in the sink.

Select From Three Premium Hammered Finishes

Hammered copper finish
The Havens line of Hammered Copper & Stainless Sinks, available for purchase in standard kitchen sink sizes 30" - 42"
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Hammered Undermount Kitchen Sinks