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Wheel Size (inches)2929
AHead Tube Angle (Degrees)6969
BSeat Tube Angle (Degrees)74.574.5
CHorizontal Top Tube Angle (Degrees)23.624
DSeat Tube Length (inches)16.918.4
EStand-Over Height (inches)30.331.4
FHead Tube Length (inches)4.54.9
GChain-Stay Length (inches)17.717.7
HFork Offset (inches)1.81.8
IBottom Bracket Drop (inches)0.10.1
JWheel-Base (inches)45.345.3
Stem Length (inches)2.42.4
Bar Width (inches)28.328.3
Stack (inches)24.524.5
Reach (inches)16.817.9
Crank Length (inches)6.96.9

Mountain Bike

This manual contains important safety, performance and maintenance information. Read the manual before taking your first ride on your new bicycle, and keep the manual handy for future reference. 

Correct Bicycle Size Riding a bicycle that is not correctly sized to the rider may result in the rider’s feet not being able to touch the ground and balance the bicycle, properly reach the handlebar for steering or braking, and loss of control when pedaling Use the wheel size in the following table as a guide to match the rider and bicycle. 

For example, bicycles with a wheel size of 12 inches fit a rider that is 28 to 38 inches tall. Note: Some bicycles such as folding bicycles may have smaller wheels but still fit adults If the bicycle has a top tube on the frame, check that there is one to three inches of clearance between the rider and the top tube




Safety-Focused Brakes

Mountain bikes require strong and reliable brakes to ensure safety on often challenging terrain. Disc brake system used for vehicle

They provide strong stopping power and are less affected by wet weather and muddy conditions.

Fork Shock Absorber

Fork shock absorbers are a critical component of a mountain bike's suspension system, helping to absorb impacts and vibrations from rough terrain.

Adjustable damping allows you to fine-tune the suspension to your riding style and terrain.

A good quality fork shock absorber can make a significant difference in your ride quality and overall performance on the trails.

Saddle Mountain bikes

Choosing the right saddle for your mountain bike is essential for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

Saddles come in different shapes and sizes, with varying levels of padding and support. It's important to choose a saddle that fits your body shape and riding style. A saddle that is too narrow or too wide can cause discomfort, while a saddle that is too soft or too firm can also be uncomfortable.

Here we, offer saddle demos or rental programs, which allow you to try out different saddles before making a purchase. When trying out a saddle, make sure to take it on a long ride to test its comfort and support over time.


Non-Slip Tires

The car is equipped with spiked tires to create traction on different types of terrain. 

Wear-resistant and explosion-proof tire with wide tread groove. All create the perfect durability for Mountain bikes

great gifts for cycling 


Arctic Ice Bucket - Stainless

(300+ rating)
  • A set of accessories that includes the necessary tools to repair and maintain your bike.

  • Save costs compared to buying individual products separately.

  • Lighting, tire repair kits, and tools for adjusting and repairing the bike

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It's a very good bike for the price.

I had a great experience at this bicycle shop. The staff was knowledgeable and helped me find the perfect bike for my needs. I highly recommend this shop to anyone in the market for a new bike



Great bike for just about any use

If you are looking for a bike that can be used for a variety of uses and terrain, then a bike here is a great choice for you. The staff will bring you a great mountain bike. 

Geovanni espana


Great bike

I love mountain biking I searched many places for a mountain bike and here I found it completely, it's amazing at an affordable price, I bought it without a doubt measure thinking.


Frequently Asked Questions

Could you put 27.5" tires on the Salvo?

Great question! We're only able to offer information regarding original replacement parts. For upgrades and alterations, we recommend reaching out to a local bike shop for further assistance. Thanks for your question!

What are the threaded tabs for on the headtube?

Great question! All of the colorways for this model are equipped with cable guides. You're right, though, the lighting in the pictures hides some of the guides on the blue and silver. Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention!

Is the bike assembled when ordered?

Bikes arrive about 90% assembled. You will need to attach the pedals, seat, handlebars, and front wheel. We also recommend checking the brakes before your first ride, as these may have shifted during shipping. Thanks for your question!

How heavy is the bike?

It’s not as heavy as it looks. I would say the tires being bigger is where the weight is. But the frame is light. I actually bought this for my 10yr old. And he absolutely loves it. Big boy 10yr old. 5’ 8” 170lbs

Whats the weight limit?

That's a great question that we're asked a lot. And, at this time I don't have that information available. The good news is our Product team is working on this and hope to have weight limits available for all bikes soon. I know this doesn't help you very much now when you're searching for that perfect bike – and I apologize!

There are many factors that impact how much weight a bicycle can withstand – such as the type of riding, road conditions, how the weight of the rider and cargo is distributed, tire inflation, and proper assembly and maintenance. Our internal bike experts are taking all these things into consideration to determine weight capacities for our bikes. 

 Thanks for reaching out!
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