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Why Is Havens Different? Every Havens sink is made from the highest quality copper or stainless steel, designed to focus on maximizing productivity, improving ergonomic functionality, and beautifully display unique character - for life. Handcrafted in the USA, no detail is overlooked to provide the user with a professional and enjoyable cooking experience. Select from custom and standard sized sinks in undermount and topmount install. 

Is The Quality of Metal Actually Important?  The lifespan and usability of a sink ultimately depends on the quality of the material used, as well as the craftsmanship behind the fabrication of the metal. Havens products are exclusively crafted from the highest quality American metals available, guaranteeing a heavy duty, easy to clean, and extremely durable workstation for your kitchen. It's amazing how much time is saved in the kitchen when the sink works for you - not the other way around. 

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The kitchen sink is an important tool in any homeowner's kitchen. Advanced innovation and integral use of a Havens sink allows users to chef up like a pro
Master the kitchen and enjoy the culinary experience every single time

Advanced custom cutting boards for the Havens Legacy sink.Custom Bamboo cutting boards for the kitchen sink.Kitchen sink cutting boards

Custom Copper Sinks - Undermount & Topmount

Why Is Havens The Highest Quality In The World? Through our vision to craft the highest quality home metal products in the World, Havens has developed a reputation in the kitchen & bath industry for providing every client with an excellent shopping experience from start to finish. Every product is backed by a guarantee of satisfaction, an extensive lifetime warranty with no fine print, and the ultimate enjoyment of a one of a kind masterpiece for your home.

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Maximize Productivity In Your Kitchen.

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Does The Gauge of The Metal Matter? Absolutely. A thinner gauge of copper or stainless steel often seen on imported sinks can easily warp, deteriorate, or even separate over time. Replacing a sink that goes bad can be quite the project. Havens made sinks will never need to be replaced, as they are American crafted from the highest quality copper and stainless steel available. Combining high quality materials and expert craftsmanship guarantees your investment in a product that lasts for life
We stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty on every purchase.

Are copper sinks difficult to care and maintain? Not a Havens copper sink. The sinks we build are virtually maintenance free, as one of the natural benefits of copper is the ability to self-heal and recondition itself. Over time, our copper sinks develop a beautiful rustic patina consisting of deep oranges and rich browns.
Learn how we clean our copper sinks with just a soapy sponge.

What does it mean to have an antimicrobial copper sink? Perhaps the single greatest advantage of having a high quality copper sink is the metal's ability to eliminate bacteria directly on the surface. As a living metal, copper is known to exhibit health benefits for users who enjoy prepping on our around the kitchen sink.
Learn more about: Antimicrobial Copper.

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Select from undermount and topmount designs, customize drain placement, and select your favorite of our 5 prestigious stainless finish options.
Check out our comprehensive guide on stainless steel sinks, where we lay out our full selection of custom fabrication options. 

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