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Welcome to the Havens online showroom of custom copper patina artwork, available as a beautiful addition to the apron front panel on your copper farmhouse sink.
All of the custom artwork displayed here has been developed by professional Havens patina artists, with vast experience handling copper and the chemistry process behind achieving the most prestigious and beautifully designed sinks in the World. Custom designs are available upon request.

Each copper patina shown is developed differently, using a process of different applications, and elements.
After the patina artwork is completed by the artist, we have a professional high quality clear coat applied to the finish in order to protect and seal in the artwork.
The clear coat is applied to the apron front panel only and will display a smooth clear finish, giving the sink's copper artwork beautiful allure.

Patina finishes may be applied to any copper farmhouse sink by Havens. In addition to our available selection of artwork, we offer complete customization.
If you have a specific artwork theme in mind, work with our artists to develop a personalized custom design.

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Please give us a call for additional information or assistance ordering custom patina artwork to your copper sink.

Custom copper patina artwork by Havens Metal: Evergreen.

Evergreen Patina

An eccentric blend of greens and light teals, the Havens Evergreen patina finish is an exceptional theme for earthy tones.

Sunforest Patina

This artwork theme is a beautiful display of rich golden hues of yellow and green. The copper is complimented exceptionally by the warm tones.

Autumn Patina

Inspired by one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, the Autumn patina accentuates changing leaf colors with a blend of reds, gold tones, and deep browns. This copper patina is definitely a statement piece in the kitchen.

Autumn tiger copper farm sink artwork selection by Havens.

Autumn Tiger

The Autumn tiger finish is a rich display of attention to detail. More earthy than our other artwork options, deep browns accentuate the copper effortlessly.

Elements custom apron patina copper artwork by Havens Metal.

Elements Patina

Easily the most vivid piece of artwork in our copper farmhouse sink collection, the Elements patina is exactly what it sounds like. A blend of beautiful earthy tones are swirled together in vivacious patterns, making this patina the focal point of any home's kitchen.

Burntwood Patina

A fiery addition to your farmhouse kitchen sink, the Burntwood patina is a Havens signature classic. Deep reds, browns, and blacks compliment the sink's copper tones with ease, providing an alluring feature in the kitchen.

Copper farm sink patina artwork custom made.

Cheetah Copper

The cheetah copper finish is dazzled with spots, and given a rich and fiery red/orange finish. Excellent for picking up enthralling tones in the kitchen.

Copper Shell Patina

The copper shell patina was introduced into our collection through the collaboration of our artist and client. Rustic oranges and deep blacks make this option truly one of a kind.

Terra cotta copper sink with custom artwork.

Terra-Cotta Patina

The Terra-cotta patina is a beautiful pattern of rustic oranges and browns, applied by special application to make for a true masterpiece.

Copper patina artwork on a copper kitchen farm sink.

Sea Foam Patina

One of the original designs available from our patina selection, the Sea Foam patina encapsulates the sound of the waves, crashing against the shore. 

Volcano Sky copper patina artwork

Volcano Sky Patina

A beautiful compliment to our rustic copper sinks, the Volcano Sky patina blends different elements to make for a true statement piece.

Oil rubbed bronze copper patina kitchen sink.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze Patina

Our darkest option for patina artwork, the oil-rubbed bronze option is a deep mixture of rustic browns.


Custom Apron Front Artwork for Your Custom Copper Farmhouse Sink

If you've decided on a custom copper sink with an apron front, we offer beautiful customized patina artwork for an additional cost in the range of $300-600.
Every sink with custom apron artwork is handcrafted by our highly skilled patina artist, and ultimately results in a truly unique, one of one masterpiece.

First, select your model: The Heritage or The Legacy Sink. The Legacy is the one with the built-in ledge for accessories.

Second, select your patina artwork: Select from Havens premium custom patina artworks using the thumbnails on the product page.

Third, select your size: 30", 33", 36", 42". If you need a custom size sink, submit a quote request here »

Fourth, add any drains or accessories and proceed to order. If you need assistance, we're just a phone call away (407)-456-8698 »

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