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Triple-Bowl Undermount Copper Sink

Introducing the beautiful Trinity triple-bowl sink by Havens, featuring a custom bowl split per your user preference. Available in various lengths, the Trinity sink features an 8-inch basin depth for a convenient space to wash dishes, soak pans, and prepare in the kitchen. The Trinity sink takes ergonomics to the next level with three drain locations and the option to add on a built-in ledge, advancing the user capabilities.

Alternative to this triple bowl design, we offer a single bowl Legacy sink with the capability to drop in a secondary bowl to the sink's built in ledge. 
A cost effective double-bowl alternative, check it out here: Legacy Sink with a drop in bowl/strainer »

Handcrafted In the USA from The Highest Quality Copper Available

Solid 14-gauge American Copper | 99.9% Pure Copper | Non-recycled Metal | Cold-rolled | 48 oz Copper | USA Melt and Manufactured Purchasing a Havens sink guarantees effortless maintenance, no drying or waxing, and perfect drainage with every use. 

Trinity Triple-Bowl Features:

  • Installation: Undermount
  • Style: Double-bowl non apron front
  • Basin Depth/Height: 8-inch
  • Drain Placement: Rear Centered Drains 
  • Drain Assembly: Disposal or strainer
  • Finish: Smooth Copper or Hammered Copper
  • Havens Lifetime Warranty Included
About Havens Copper Sinks 

Havens Metal handcrafts copper sinks exclusively from 14-gauge American made, non-recycled 48oz copper with a 99.9% purity rating. We do not put a clear coat or lacquer finish on our copper, allowing you to enjoy the inherent natural benefits of the metal. 

Havens uses a natural weathering process on our copper which results in the warm, rich patina of browns and deep oranges displayed on the surface of the metal. Our perfectly formulated patina finish is a signature quality of all of the copper sinks in our Collection.

The natural patina developed on the surface of the copper sink is as beautiful as it is resilient. Our copper stands up to any residues, abrasives, or harsh cleaners, and will recondition itself with normal use of the sink. Havens copper sinks never need to be dried or waxed.

The structural integrity of a Havens copper sink is second to none. The copper used is extremely durable 14 gauge metal and is virtually impossible to damage without the use of machinery or heavy force. We're confident our sinks are built to last a lifetime, which is why they are backed by a lifetime warranty. 

Effortless Maintenance Guaranteed

Easily clean a Havens copper sink with just a soapy sponge
The copper sinks we build are among the finest quality metal products you can put in today's luxury home. The care and maintenance involved with our copper sinks is among the easiest tasks to complete at the sink. With just soap and water, the copper will easily be scrubbed free of any food and residues. 

Apply soap or any household detergent to a wet paper towel or sponge.

  1. Wipe down the sink’s interior with the soapy applicator to remove any residue and food particles.
  2. Rinse away the excess scrub and soap with running water.
  3. If desired, apply teak oil to the dry surface to restore the shine and luster of the copper.

Following these easy steps insures an everlasting finish on your copper, and allows for the natural patina process to take place. As a “living metal” copper displays fascinating living characteristics and exhibits a self-healing patina over time which accentuates a rich blend of browns, and deep oranges. The patina on our copper sinks naturally reconditions itself and restores blemishes brought on by stains from harsh liquids, food marks, and abrasive cleaners.

For a printable PDF click here: Care and Maintenance Guide

Havens Lifetime Warranty Included

Havens Metal has a lifetime warranty on all products. The Havens lifetime warranty states that our products shall be free from defects in workmanship or materials under the condition that use and care does not exceed normal use. All dimensions are guaranteed under our warranty to not vary more than 1/32 of an inch. In no situation shall Havens Metal be liable for any damage caused to the product during or after installation.

In a situation where the warranty is to be exercised by the customer, a warranty request must be submitted. Upon approval of a warranty request, the sole responsibility of Havens Metal is exchange or repair of a defective product.

For a printable PDF click here: Havens Lifetime Warranty